Assuming none of our articles hit the viral lottery by 2016, these are the articles you clicked on and shared the most over the past year. Dig out your favorite reading app — we’re fans of Instapaper and Pocket — for something to read over the holidays.

1. How to Stay Married to a Lawyer

Jeena Cho sat down with two therapists, Laura Free and Will Meyerhofer, to determine the challenges of marrying a lawyer. Like any other marriage, a good dose of empathy, compassion, and ability to be supportive is key.

2. 10 Lessons You Weren’t Taught in Law School

To be a successful lawyer, learning soft skills such as how to handle conflict, be forgiving, and maintaining your physical and emotional health should be a top priority. But many of us don’t have or prioritize these skills because law schools didn’t bother teaching them.

3. Best Law-Firm Websites, 2015

Once again, our annual best law-firm websites contest was very popular. best-law-firm-websites-2014

(If you’re wondering how to enter a website in 2016, just keep an eye out for our announcement in January. Here is more information on the contest.)

4. Motion “to F*ck This Court and Everything that it Stands For”

This is certainly one of the more entertaining headlines we got to write. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll get from this motion — which Sam described as “so much gold.”

“It took me about 1 month to study the history of the world and to learn the history and inner workings of American jurisprudence, literally.”

5. Dear Lawyers: It’s Not Word, It’s You

Keep tellin’ it like it is, Barron.

(Read the comments for a lively debate about whether it might, in fact, be Word after all.)

6. The Best Legal Pad for Legal Work

According to Lisa, the cheap legal pads you buy from Staples and stuff in your supply closet are not worthy of your lawyerly uses. You agreed. Write your notes on quality paper with the Levenger legal pads. And while you’re at it, purchase a fountain pen worthy of such a quality legal pad.

7. Write Better Legal Documents with an Editing Checklist

Writing is a substantial part of your job. Avoid embarrassing grammar errors with Evan’s checklist, which will teach you to edit your work for organization, substance, readability, and grammar.

l_edf21db1365531e7803ae3ec169847978. Six Terrible Lawyer Tattoos

If there was an article that proved lawyers are just as flawed as the rest of the world, this is it. The Doctor Who/Lawyer tattoo is certainly our favorite — making a Dalek wear a tie, carry a briefcase, and shout “LITIGATE!!!” deserves props.

9. Real Lawyers’ Advice on Going to Law School

The truth hurts. Do not become a lawyer to put yourself on the path of being rich. That’s just not how it works anymore. There’s a reason lawyers are leaving the profession and the best students aren’t applying to go to law school.

10. Hacking Chaos: The Cornell Method of Note-Taking

This post details the popular Cornell method of note-taking. According to Lisa, “It is not an exaggeration to say the Cornell Method helps me in every note-taking situation I have in my professional life.”

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