In the /r/Lawyers subreddit (requires invitation), DingoMcPhee posted a helpful guide to getting a Martindale-Hubbell rating:

OVERVIEW: Assemble a list of 25-30 references, send Martindale an email, then submit your references’ contact info to Martindale. The references do a survey and then you get your score.

Here it is in more detail:

STEP ONE: Assemble a list of the names and email addresses (or mailing addresses) of 25-30 lawyers or judges who would give you a rating. (The minimum is 18, but you want more because some may not participate, and non-participation will hurt your rating.) References cannot be from your firm; references must be listed on (if they aren’t, they can email their name, address, email, year/state of admission, education and areas of practice to and get a free listing); maximum of two lawyers from any single firm or organization.

STEP TWO: Send an email to requesting a Peer Review, something like this:

I request that a Peer Review be initiated on my behalf.

I am the managing partner at [firm] and I have been practicing law for [X] years. I am admitted to practice in [state(s)]. My primary areas of practice are [whatever]. My work mailing address is [work address], though I prefer that all non-work correspondence be delivered to my home address at [home address].

Please let me know what is needed to begin the Peer Review Process.

Sincerely, A. Lawyer

STEP THREE: Martindale will reply with an email explaining the peer review process.

STEP FOUR: Not required, but it’s a good idea to call or email your references with a heads up that the survey is coming, something like:

Martindale/LexisNexis asked me for the names of colleagues who would fill out a survey and review me for a possible AV rating. I took the liberty of giving them your name and contact information. Please feel free to provide my name as your reference if ever in need.

In a few days, you should receive an email (or perhaps a letter in the mail) regarding this peer review. The subject line of the email will read “Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings – Invitation to Participate”. Because it will be distributed to multiple recipients, and from a company that does a lot of advertising, the email may get caught up in your junk mail folder. For my sake, please respond to the survey because they require a minimum number of responses, and a failure to respond is counted negatively. It should take less than five minutes.

I hope you are doing well in your practice and I look forward to catching up with you soon. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

Regards, A. Lawyer

STEP FIVE: A day or two later, Martindale will email you a link to a webpage where you will submit your references’ contact information.

STEP SIX: Martindale will contact your references and they will fill out a survey.

STEP SEVEN: Six to eight weeks later, you should get your rating.

(Reposted with DingoMcPhee’s permission. [Source]) Counterpoint: “No One Cares About Your Martindale-Hubbell Rating.”