Spotted on Craigslist:

I’m looking for a licensed lawyer (if you just graduated and passed the bar and can legally practice) with experience in family law (that’s looking for more experience and references)to assist me with my custody case. I will pay at a rate of $20.00 to $40.00 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications. This is a case that may require a minimum of 5 hours of preparation. I am a paralegal and can help with paper work if needed. I pay for all expensives. I would like to find someone who could assist with this beginning this weekend. Please email me.

*****Please Serious Inquiry Only*****

I think some of the kids in my neighborhood make more mowing lawns. Either this is a sign of the times, or the public has an abysmally low opinion of the value of legal services.

For those still learning to screen clients, this Craigslist poster shows all the hallmarks of a problem client who will quibble about every line on every bill, demand your full attention (but refuse to pay for it), attempt to dictate every aspect of strategy, and generally make you wish you had never taken the case.

Run away.

Family Lawyer Needed (TC) | Craigslist

(thanks, Layne!)