One of the most frequently-misused web words is “blog.” One of the best ways to make yourself sound out of touch is to misuse it.

“Blog” is a shortened form of “web log,” a name developed for websites updated with posts arranged in reverse-chronological order. This website, Lawyerist, is a blog.

What you are reading now—this article—is not a blog. It is a post. Or if you are fancy, an article.

A good way to sound as clueless as Senator Ted Stevens when he called the internet a “series of tubes” is to refer to posts as “blogs.” I regularly hear from people who mention reading “a blog I wrote the other day.” No, you read a post I wrote the other day.

In fact, I just received an e-mail from someone who had kindly written a “guest blog” for Lawyerist. He created an entire website for us? No, he wrote a guest post.

Now you know.