virtual law practiceFriday, April 2nd, 2010, at 9:00 a.m. CDT.

This week, Lawyerist contributor Steph Kimbro will talk about virtual law practice. She has run her own virtual law practice since 2007, pioneered the virtual law office technology, VLOtech, and writes the blog Virtual Law Practice. Steph will talk about technology, ethics, procedures, and demonstrate how she works with clients online.

You will need to sign up for this webinar (or join the Lawyerist LAB) for access. Once you are signed up, we will add you to the webinar.

6 responses to “Friday Webinar: Virtual Lawyering”

  1. Jade E. Freeman says:

    Sweet, does this mean “virtual” internships?

  2. Sam Glover says:

    I have actually worked with a couple of virtual interns, and it has worked really well.

  3. I have had several requests for virtual internships with my virtual law office. It might work for larger firms integrating online law offices if the system is permissions-based, but as a solo I couldn’t support a full virtual intern position. However, virtual assistants and virtual paralegals are another great opportunity for work that virtual law practice opens up. Looking forward to the webinar!

  4. Lisbeth says:

    What is your assessment of NJ advisory committees ruling that virtual office arrangements, outsourced or shared receptionist services and even working outside of the office for more than a few hours violate New Jersey’s “bonafide office requirement”? See Carolyn Elefant’s blog post at

  5. Fortunately for the vast majority of us who do not hold NJ licenses, NJ is one of the last states to retain the “bona fide office” requirement. The NJ authorities are either blind to the change that is coming or they are sticking their heads in the sand. In the long run, it doesn’t matter which it is. The rule defies the realities of modern law practice and is impossible to enforce. The ultimate winners will be the lawyers who embrace change, not those who try to build walls around it.

  6. Lisbeth,
    I wrote a blog post commenting on the NJ opinion here:

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