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Free: 10 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

For seven years, Lawyerist has published an annual list of the best law firm websites. Now, you can find out what they have in common.

traffic_seen_from_top_of_arc_de_triompheYou don’t have to write a blog to take advantage of them. By leaving comments on blogs, you can establish yourself as an authority to that blog’s regular readers, who may find their way to your website.

If you want to drive traffic by leaving comments, make sure you create a profile, if possible, with your website address, so other readers will have an easy time finding you. Blogs without commenter profiles usually still let you include your website. Make sure you do.

Also, keep your identity consistent across the blogs on which you comment. I recommend using a variant of your real name (I am usually “samglover”) rather than a nom de plume. It will make you easier to find.

Finally, sign up for Twitter and let others know what you are reading and commenting on.

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  • If one does not have a blog, web site, or other online identity one should use their LinkedIn profile URL.

  • Sam Glover

    Good point. Although I would argue that if one does not have a blog or web site, one should get with the program and get one as soon as possible.

  • Great post! I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to get people to show interest in you is to show interest in them first! :)

  • Peter Pitorri

    Isn’t it like courting? We are, after all, courting relationships, are we not? In my case, I look for people in law, business, Government, since I operate a small B2B business engaged in skip tracing, asset locating, and background checks. I am new to blogging, so I invite your comments. Have a great year!

  • It’s a good illustration that simply participating in a variety of activities can be as valuable — or more valuable — than spending money to market yourself. Dollars spent without participation are devalued.

  • Thanks so much for the really practical advice you’re providing on this site.