Lamborghini Aventador

There must be some way to show clients you have won a lot of high-worth cases. How about an Audi A8, a Mercedes S-500, or a Lexus LS? Nope. Every lawyer has one of those. You need a car that shows that you are in a much higher tax bracket. You need a car that is worth more than your clients’ homes. And they need to know it. Because when you hire “The Champ” (presumably the nickname you gave yourself), the client needs to know they will win their case and you will get a very nice contingency fee out of this one.

Your clients hire you because you had a compelling TV or radio ad, and they did not shop around for a lawyer. They will settle whenever you tell them to because they cannot stand listening to you talk about your amazing trial skills and what will happen when you get the defendants on the stand.

Your poor secretary. They earn $35k per year and answer your calls at all hours. And you purposely try to make them cry at least once per month just for fun. They dream of slashing your tires on a daily basis.

You think the car highlights off your success. Everyone else sees it as a douchebag warning sign.

The Lamborghini Aventador is the car that says, “I win a lot of cases, but everyone hates my personality.”

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