Your car says a lot about you to your clients. When clients pull into your parking lot and see your ride, or see you show up to their arraignment, they are making judgments about your abilities as a lawyer by the type of vehicle you drive.

Is this shallow?

Yes. 100%.

But it’s reality. Sorry.

Clients can look at your car and decide, “This lawyer is good at what she does.”

What vehicles scare away clients? Find out if yours made the list.

8 responses to “Vehicles Lawyers Should Not Drive”

  1. I can personally attest to the fact that the Nissan 350z is the best lawyer ride. Gets to Court fast and has a storage compartment for case files.

  2. jeremy secker says:

    White Beemer.

  3. Meghan says:

    1984 Mercedes Benz 300D

    • Joe Fay says:

      This is a classic car. You could totally pull this off. Nothing says slightly stuffy lawyer like a car that’s older than most of your clients. Also, in a lot of states, a car this old would be eligible for antique plates.

  4. Kenny says:

    The Lamborghini Aventador is a a great car your just some loser who can’t afford it. You probably do everything pro bono. Get a life.

  5. Paul Spitz says:

    If you represent drug dealers on coke charges, the DeLorean is perfect. You can even claim that you got it as payment for defending John DeLorean.

  6. James says:

    Why is there a picture of a Mustang on the front page? Clearly you are saying that’s the preferred vehicle.

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