From /r/Lawyers (private):

Post here if you are interested in sharing mutual endorsements on AVVO.

There was interest in doing it in the other thread, so figured I’d set it up. I’m convinced AVVO sucks, but I have no problem gaming their system so that a 2 year licensed lawyer (me) can get a higher rating than sitting Supreme Court Justices.

I’ll base mine off your post history here in /r/lawyers since I don’t want to be unethical about it. Just something along the lines of “always helpful and informative, or very candid but professional assessments, blah blah blah.”

Someone also mentioned we’ll have to stagger the reviews so they aren’t flagged for coming in too fast. If there are at least 5 or so people that want to do it then I’ll set it up. Maybe we’ll set up a temporary private reddit so we aren’t sharing our personal information with all of /r/lawyers, not that the mods don’t have that information anyway. Any suggestions or thoughts on this, please feel free to share.

tl;dr: A bunch of strangers are going to “endorse” one another on the basis of their post history on an internet forum best known for its jokes and for hosting some of the darker corners of the Internet. That seems like a pretty thin basis for an endorsement to me, but according to the Avvo Rating FAQ, it will probably work.

Peer endorsements do affect your Avvo Rating …. This is because peer endorsements–one lawyer endorsing another’s skills and experience–are a way to assess industry recognition, which is a factor in how we calculate an attorney’s Avvo Rating.

Is it unethical? Probably not, so long as the contents of the endorsements are accurate. Does it come off as desperate? Yep. If you have to resort to strangers on Reddit for endorsements, you should probably lose Avvo Rating points instead of gaining them.

Then again, as another lawyer said in the referenced thread:

Basing an endorsement off of /r/lawyers posts would be more genuine than half the endorsements I already see on the website.

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