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For seven years, Lawyerist has published an annual list of the best law firm websites. Now, you can find out what they have in common.

Last week I talked to Gordon Firemark for his show, the Law Podcasting Podcast, about our show, the Lawyerist Podcast. Here is Gordon’s description of the episode:

I spoke with Sam about Lawyerist’s beginnings, and about what drove the decision to launch a podcast, some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating the show, and the philosophy behind what Lawyerist does.

What I found most interesting was the objective to build a community of solo and small firm lawyers, and how the podcast serves that mission by allowing listeners to get to know the hosts better.

One of the things I found most interesting about recording a show with Gordon was his “live-to-drive” method of recording. Instead of stitching together the various components of the podcast (intro, voiceover, conversation, outro), he does it all live on the recording. That way there is no assembly required. He basically just records a show, uses Auphonic for cleanup, then publishes it. Very cool.

Anyway, give it a listen.


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