The lawyers at Levitt & Grosman sure are animated.











(h/t Sam Harden)

  • Ben

    That’s a bit freakish and doesn’t make me want to hire them. It’s all a bit too Max Headroom for my preference.

    • Mary Jeannette

      Either Max Headroom or like the old soap opera openings…

    • Lee King

      Ma-ma-ma-Max! :)

  • Mary Jeannette

    Yeesh…. That’s a bit too…. much. Also, check out their home page image – what’s the guy on the far left looking at?

  • Peter Shaw

    The pictures on the blog post above are a little disconcerting, but when I looked at them on the website, they are not so freakish. They only move once, then stop. If they kept moving like those above, I’d be concerne about seizures!
    The home page image should be changed! Mary Jeannett is right, what is he looking at? And this is an Employment Law firm!

    • Yes, but it’s funnier to keep them looping.

  • Paul Spitz

    Love the head snaps. Esp. Mr. Bowtie and Balding Nodder in the second row. And then our sole female with her flirty eye movement that seems to say NSFW

  • Laura

    When did Fred Armisen get old?

  • I also get assaulted by a rock and roll video with a sort of Michael Bay-ish vibe when I go to their firm page.

  • Sam Harden

    Finally figured out what their website reminds me of:

  • OzboneBlack

    Just goes to show how bad lawyers are when it comes to posing for these shots. The background with lights looks cool but also distracting. The guy on the left has too much head movement. The sole female has the right combo of eye and head movement.