If you just bought Time Matters 10, are you bothered that LexisNexis just charged you hundreds of dollars for a “bug fix release”? You do not see Toyota charging car owners to fix their broken pedals, so why should you pay to fix LexisNexis’s broken product?

Good question.

No worries, from now on, LexisNexis will charge you a yearly fee to keep current with its software. Wait, worry. This Annual Maintenance Plan will probably cost you more than what you have, particularly if you do not always buy the most-recent version.

If I were going to be stuck paying a monthly or yearly fee for case management software, I would just switch to Rocket Matter, Clio, or LawRD. The software is better, and so is the customer service.

And at least with Rocket Matter, which just announced its Professional Services to assist with importing data from other case management software, the transition should be pretty easy.

Yearly Rant About Yearly Upgrades | Does It Compute? (Thanks, Thom!)

(photo: Nesster)