February 8 was National Clean Out Your Computer Day. If you did not follow this well-known holiday, schedule an hour this week to tidy up your friend. If you are lucky enough to have an IT department, call them up and ask for physical on your computer.

Clean your inbox

There’s nothing worse than an overflowing inbox, especially one filled with six-month-old emails. There is no time like the present to delete unneeded coupons, Bar Association emails, and whatever else you do not need.


Windows or Mac, both have some form of defragmentation program. The program might need hours to run, but it should increase the speed of your computer. Try running it when you leave at night, and it should be done in the morning.

Virus scan

Virus scans can run at night too. Even if you have an automatic virus scan, it never hurts to run it manually every couple of months. Be sure to update your virus software before running it to catch the new bugs.

(photo: Locator)