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Folders and files usually go together, but until recently the major cloud-based practice management software has forced all files into a single folder with only tags or categories as an option for sorting.

This week, Bob Ambrogi reported that MyCase added the ability to create top-level folders, and LexisNexis Firm Manager followed quickly in its footsteps (probably just by coincidence).

Folders aren’t big news. After all, MS-DOS had folders too, and Dropbox has been around since 2007, with folders the whole time.

But what I hope it portends is the eventual inclusion of real, useful document management within cloud-based practice management software. After all, it’s clunky to use one service for files and another for all your other case information. Hopefully, folders are just the first step to adding Dropbox-like functionality with the security and particular features needed by lawyers.

Featured image: “Folder icon” from Shutterstock.