Barring and end-of-year hit, these are the top ten articles from 2014. Fire up Instapaper or Pocket and take a few of them home for the holidays.

1. “Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? I’ll Tell You Why”

In October, Sam wrote:

Lawyers have a pretty singular value proposition. We take care of legal problems for our clients. When you sign a retainer agreement, our client’s problem basically becomes our problem.

The cost of hiring a lawyer is so expensive for many reasons, according to Sam, but one of the most important is the significant commitment lawyers make to each client. That’s something no app or website can offer.

2. “Best Law Firm Websites, 2014 Edition”

best-law-firm-websites-2014Our annual law-firm website contest is always popular, and so it was again in 2014.

(If you’re wondering how to enter a website in 2015, just keep an eye out for our announcement in January. Here is more information on the contest.)

3. “9 Epic Responses To Legal Threats”

Some people take ridiculous legal threats as an opportunity to have a little fun, and sometimes the results are epic. From a Supreme Court litigator’s response to a porn star who was pushed off a roof to Groucho Marx to the most perfect response ever, from the Cleveland Browns (According to Sam. —Ed.), these legal comebacks are the best we could find.

4. “Fashionable, Professional Bags for Women Lawyers”

Jeena Cho’s advice is to pick functional bags that still feel good to carry, and she makes recommendations for every price range, from under $100 to over $1,000. She also includes recommendations for rolling bags and bags for use outside the courtroom.

5. “Every Legal App for iPhone and iPad”


A searchable, sortable list of every legal app in the App Store. There are over 60, which shows there is a lot you can do in law practice with an iPhone and iPad, if you are so inclined.

6. “This Simple Email Habit Will Make You More Productive”

One easy-to-follow rule that will make you more productive with email. By the time you read this fairly-short post, you’ll be able to apply the rule, clean up your inbox, and get more done.

7. “Law Firm Finances: Everything You Need to Get Started”

Randall’s getting-started guide to law firm finances was originally broken up in several posts. This year, we consolidated it into a single post (also available on Kindle), and it continues to be popular for its solid pointers on cash flow, credit, paying taxes, managing income, forecasting, and using financial reports.

8. “Dropbox for Lawyers and Law Firms: the User Guide”

dropbox-logoUsing Dropbox is still controversial, and for valid reasons, but it is also the most popular cloud-storage option among lawyers. This user guide has everything you need to know about Dropbox.

9. “MITs: A Simple Way to Be More Productive”

Writing down your Most Important Tasks is a simple daily practice that makes you more productive. This post is a short explanation of the MITs practice and how to do it. Read it, try it, and you’ll be more productive!

10. “The Best Computer Monitor Setup for Lawyers”

Lawyers should not neglect the monitor when it comes to computer setup. From pixel density to size to number of monitors, here is how to figure out the best monitor setup for you.

Featured image: “Summer lady” from Shutterstock.

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