Jared Correia doesn’t own a smartphone, but that doesn’t stop him from being a tech guy at the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program. Here’s an excerpt from his argument for why:

There is this prevailing attitude that the modern world is generally untethered, that we’re free, because we’re no longer connected to physical servers (now they’re virtual, in the cloud) or cords (save for charging). The fact is, there’s always a physical device, always a plug, always a grid, lurking somewhere in the background, or at the end — even as we try to trick ourselves into believing that is not the case, and that we are, in large part, unrestricted. Perhaps we’re more restricted than ever.

Correia does, apparently, carry around a Microsoft Surface and an iPad and a portable modem, so I’m not sure he’s all that serious about the whole not-being-available-24/7 thing. For my part, you can pry my smartphone from my frozen-by-carpal-tunnel-syndrome hands. I’d sooner give up my tablet and my laptop.

Edit: Then again, maybe Correia is smarter than the rest of us.

Featured image: “No Smartphone sign icon” from Shutterstock.