I just did a short presentation via Skype for the Washington State Bar Association’s “Mission: Possible” conference, and the Twitter action was as much about my microphone as the substance of my talk (maybe substance is the wrong word, in that case). Anyway, for those who want to sound awesome over Skype and look good if the mic makes it into the frame, it is the Blue Snowball:


(It’s also the microphone I used for my podcast with Daniel Gershburg, and why I sound good on it even though he was doing the recording on his end.)

  • Peter

    Will the Blue Snowball work as a hands free microphone for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking?

    • It’s probably a little big, but I don’t see why not.

      • Peter

        Can it sit 2-3 feet away on the desk or does it need to be held close to your mouth?

        • It has several modes, and you don’t have to be right on top of it in any of them. I usually have it about two feet away for webinars and other recording, and that seems to work just fine.

    • Chad

      I just started using it for that and podcasts. It works pretty well.