Why “Knowing Someone” is Still the Best Marketing


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At Above the Law, in-house lawyer Mark Herrmann explains how in-house counsel actually choose outside counsel to hire:

What does searching for new counsel mean?

It means hiring someone who I — or one of my in-house colleagues — worked with closely when we were in private practice, and we know to be a great (and efficient) […] lawyer. That may be one of our former partners, or it may be someone from another firm who worked as co-counsel with us, or it could be someone else who, for some other reason, we’ve seen up close and personal.

If neither I nor my in-house colleagues personally know a great lawyer for the job, then we’ll ask other people who we know and trust, and we’ll follow their recommendations.

Not listed: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, SEO, Pinterest, Ello, etc.

Featured image: “choosing the perfect candidate for the job” from Shutterstock.


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