Kevin O’Keefe hit the nail on the head in his recent post emphasizing the tough job market and new law graduates’ need for an edge. What’s a good way to get that edge in perhaps the toughest legal market in decades? Develop a personal brand.

Says O’Keefe:

A brand in the professional service business is not a logo, a font on letterhead, a fancy website, or a tag line. A lawyer’s brand is their expertise, usually in a niche area of the law.

When we know that our career services office is doing everything it can, law students need to step up and take responsibility for making themselves noticeable and noticed in these increasingly-competitive times. O’Keefe is a fantastic advocate for blogging as part of one’s a personal brand. We’ve also recommended LinkedIn for law students here before. And for a shamelessly self-promoting example of how I’ve tried to brand myself as someone with social media policy expertise, see my additional advice for law students.

What are other ways a law student can define his or her brand?

(photo: cohdra)