This Week in Law: A Hero Named Kevin Bacon

This week I was on This Week in Law with Ali Sternberg to talk about copyright, robot lawyers, Star Lord’s “Awesome Mix Vol. 1″ from Guardians of the Galaxy, trolls, and much more. Watch Episode 271 of TWiL here:

(Yes, my mic was terrible. If I do something like this again, I promise to get a better one.)

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  • utera

    What happened to zelda was real, mean comments while free speech, those were unwarranted, and those were nasty people.
    But It was a huge mistake to once again bring up Anita Sarkeesian, that woman is a con artist and fraud. There is quite literally video out there of her basically confessing that she wasn’t a video gamer, that she didn’t like video games, this was footage before her kickstarter. Many youtubers have done the investigative work and looked at her record. She is the type that went out of her way to make sure she got the reaction she wanted so she could claim victimhood, the way a soccer player will brush past a player and then take a dive for the referee trying to gain advantage. Its not good at all to bring her up in such discussion because she is yet another example of where the main stream media failed to do due diligence, and just spread the false narrative she was relying on to justify her censorship of all comments, and silencing and dismissing of all criticism as “trolls”. She was using the old playbook of the churches of the past, if they couldn’t handle the arguments of an atheist or heretic, smear and silence. Many youtubers have taken her down point for point, including exposing her past, including jordanowen42, dangerous analysis, thunderf00t, internet aristocrat, and many others. Her videos relied on dishonesty….its the one characteristic which is pervasive in all her work and appearances, a total lack of concern of intellectual or journalistic integrity. She just went with the “i’m a victim, I’m a damsel(a trope of hers in fact) to avoid all criticism, and allow herself to continue raking in the cash from paid appearances while no one was allowed to check her narrative or her work in any mainstream publication or media. You will note almost all mentions of her and all appearances of her fixate on her victimhood, not the content of her work, because that was the entire point in the first place. She’s been caught in a lie showing she knew about 4chan before her supposed victimhood, when she claimed it was not so in her “official narrative”. She is just a con artist through and through.
    Suey park of “cancel colbert” fame is no different, but she just chose to go after the wrong target, again, she claims endless victimhood, but she gained less sympathy, kicking the darling of the left was a bad move. People especially those in the media are ready to believe the worst about gamers, so thats why anita got traction and suey park is now irrelevant.
    This is rather common now, meg lanker simmons a prominent feminist blogger literally made threats against herself when she couldn’t find the “material” necessary for her to campaign against a site she didn’t like, she is being prosecuted now.
    More recently again youtuber “mundane matt” posted a video on indie game developer Zoe Quinn and her recent controversy with claimed online harassment, but the proof has been posted,she like many other feminists these days takes things and blows them out of proportion to deliberately exploit the idea that she is being attacked for being a woman. Zoe Quinn did this in a shameless attempt to draw press attention to her game project.
    You also saw this with rebecca watson the atheism + woman who made the time a guy asked her if she would like to get some coffee in an elevator into an issue of supposed sexual harassment. These are opportunists, who exploit societies reflex to run to the rescue of women to get attention by making false claims.
    Internet aristocrat on youtube has a “DoublePlusGood Episode 1: Adria Richards, Susan Wilson” video which covered an early form of this you might remember. Susan wilson claimed her daughter was laughed at by her sons for wanting to go to code camp, she raised a huge amount of money by exploiting this narrative. Turns out it was probably not true, and she was a wealthy woman who spends thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes, but again, the media ran with the original narrative, and once the facts come out, no retractions, just silence. This cycle repeats endlessly, and its very tiresome.
    I think its high time you guys just stop citing anything from jezebel or any feminist hysteria link bait tabloid site. The lack of intellectual never mind journalistic integrity seen in those places is just mind boggling, you’d be better off citing fox news, thats how far off the reservation those people are.
    In fact those two groups share the same victimhood complex. This victimhood complex is what allows them to disregard fact or reason, after all, victims are not accountable for their actions. But feminist sites take it a step worse than even fox and friends, they exploit societies instinct to protect women to justify and rally for censorship. They are against free speech because that is something they can’t handle, all valid criticisms are just dismissed as trolls, even fox news doesn’t go that far.
    What happened to Zelda is far different, now those were some real trolls. But that is the problem, people like anita sarkeesian just cheapen the issue when they clearly do it to advance their own agendas.

    Btw the concern is actually very one sided. Go look up “the young turks” channel’s recent video on adam carolla, the things the commenters said about adam in the comment section would have caused a furor if it had been said to a woman instead. This goes on all the time, so the concern is very selective.

    And to get sociological, this disparity in reaction happens because society reflexively desires to protect women, and these women exploit this fact to the hilt to get what they want. Also women tend to act out their violence indirectly, men will just murder you, a woman might just file a false rape claim or child abuse claim against someone or their husband even. Its why that texas woman was recently convicted for trying to frame her husband for sending poison to obama. She tried to use the system to destroy her target, that is far more common with women than men, and I think it relates to what we see on line with women constantly trying to work the system into attacking their opponents by claiming victimhood.

    • Sam Glover

      Even if everything you say about Sarkeesian is true, it does not excuse the behavior of her harassers.

      • utera

        Again, it has to be taken in context. Its like if George Bush just kept fixating on someone sending him a threat, after a certain point it would stop making sense for people to take him seriously on this. If the threat was not serious enough to be reported to the police, and if he then continued to smear all valid criticisms of him by anyone as just another one of those threats, eventually labeling all democrats as threat makers, while attempting to silence them completely, we just should stop taking it seriously.
        Its a tactic, not a genuine concern.
        And as I said before, these women are exploiting the natural urge by men and society to protect women. One nasty message and suddenly they deserve every sympathy and every benefit of the doubt, if rush Limbaugh got a mean message, no one would care.
        Her claims are in the context of her documented reliance on dishonesty.

        • Sam Glover

          Even if that made sense, it doesn’t matter. Even if Sarkeesian was just baiting the trolls (which I don’t believe she is doing), it doesn’t excuse their behavior.

  • utera

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume my posts were deleted for being too “off topic”. But the fact is all the issues raised in those links are verifiable instances of where anita sarkeesian is shown to have deliberately lied, over and over again to her audiences.

    This is the new version of anita sarkeesian, zoe Quinn is the new one everyones talking about, and it only reveals the level of corruption in the games media. I’ll leave that here if you want to see what’s actually going on in that industry.