Even a person with the most passing interest in cloud storage likely has a Dropbox account. When cloud syncing and storage was in its relative infancy, Dropbox was a miracle worker: a little piece of software that ensured you could stash and grab your files from anywhere without hassle.

These days, there are numerous Dropbox alternatives (Wikipedia lists a dizzying array of upwards of 25 right now) for you to choose from. So why would you move away from the comfortable confines of Dropbox?

Perhaps you’re worried because Dropbox was affected by Heartbleed, but then again almost everything was. Maybe you’re worried about file security, even though Dropbox is generally as safe and secure as most law-related computer storage methods. (Sadly, digging a bunker under the earth and burying your physical client files there is an unattainable choice for most of us.) You could be mad that Dropbox tapped Condoleezza Rice for its board. No matter what your reason, you can now jump ship and take your data with you. Here are five that you may consider.

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