#ABATechShow 2014 Liveblog


We are live from ABA TechShow 2014! (It’s the closest thing to an Apple event that we get to do.) This is a slow-moving liveblog for updates from the EXPO Hall and from the sessions we attend. (Day Two coverage starts here, and Day Three coverage starts here.)

  • Jonathan Kleiman

    This is fantastic. Somebody give sam some kind of lawyer award.

  • Jonathan Kleiman

    “The last two are built-in features of iOS and Android, so it’s possible everyone else is just ignorant of what their devices can do.”


    Also, full encryption is simple enough on a mac that people may not know that either.

  • Jonathan Kleiman

    “70% of lawyers are using LinkedIn for some reason.”

    This could be read in two different ways

  • Jay Brinker

    Great job, Sam. I will be looking for your red carpet reporting from next year’s Academy Awards.

    • http://samglover.net/ Sam Glover

      I just got off the phone with E! They were so impressed with my TechShow coverage that they signed me up for the Oscars. All I have to do is squeeze into a little black dress.

  • Walter Sobchek

    Great job, thanks