Rocket Matter Adds Box Integration


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Rocket Matter just added Box to the cloud storage services it integrates with. (Box prematurely announced the integration back in November.)

Like its Dropbox integration, you can associate Box folders with your matters and navigate your client files from within Rocket Matter, making the integration fairly seamless. You can also associate billable time with anything in your Box folders. This is consistent with Rocket Matter’s general user experience, which is focused on letting you add time entries from anything you are working on at the moment, facilitating real-time billing.

Here’s how to set up the integration.

Box is more business-focused than Dropbox, which makes it a great choice for growing firms. Dropbox is a great, simple file sync product, but if you have more-complicated needs, then Box might be a better fit.

Here are the cloud storage integrations offered by the “big three” cloud-based practice management software providers:

  • Clio: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and NetDocuments.

  • Rocket Matter: Box, Dropbox, and, interestingly, Evernote.

  • MyCase: As far as I can tell, none.

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