This Lawyer’s Epic Super Bowl Ad Will Blow You Away


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This ad aired locally in Georgia during an entire two-minute commercial break. It has everything. Walls of flame. Sledgehammers. Heavy metal soundtrack.

Just watch.

(h/t Deadspin)


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  • He better get an appearance on better call Saul for that crap. The comments on deadspin are great as well. People calling in saying they want to injure themselves just so he will work with them. Well done.

    • Ok, I tried to look up his site. The guy is blocking it from Search Engines with his robots.txt file on wordpress. SO, the only thing that shows up is other news stories for his name. Epic fail.

      • So he spends a bucketload of money on a Super Bowl ad that goes viral, but nobody can find him?

        • DSK

          Sure it is working:

  • Charlie S. Medarling

    (long silence) *clap*clap*clap* Damn. I want that dude to represent me.

  • It has everything. Walls of flame. Sledgehammers. Heavy metal soundtrack.

    Don’t forget an Orthodox iconostasis with a particular emphasis on the Theotokos and the infant Christ. That’s the rarest of the ad’s boasts. Well, I don’t know. Maybe that kind of gratuitous Orthodox imagery is par for the course in, say, (the) Ukraine. Don’t see it in America very often, though, thank goodness.

  • Paul Spitz

    OMG. You can’t look away. Best. Superbowl. Commercial. EVER.

  • Diogenes

    Not impressed at all.

    Takes advantage of a family tragedy for shameless self promotion. Pathetic and disgraceful opportunist. Unprofessional, undignified, and targeted to the low-info, low-IQ, JerrySpringer audience.