Best Law Firm Websites, 2014 Edition


Free: 10 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

For seven years, Lawyerist has published an annual list of the best law firm websites. Now, you can find out what they have in common.

Every year, we ask our readers to help us find the best law firm websites, then pick the top ten. Check out the current law firm websites contest!

Out of over 50 nominations, we have narrowed the field down to the ten best. There were many good nominations, but the top ten are some really excellent, responsive websites.

Responsive web design turned out to play a big factor in getting to the top ten. A responsive website should look good on any screen, from a big desktop display to a smartwatch. Law firm websites still have a way to go on this, though. Many great-looking nominations — including some websites built in the last year — wound up in the discard pile because they are not responsive.

Apart from responsiveness, however, I will not explain the criteria I used to pick these ten websites. Great website design is in the eye of the beholder, and it is up to you to take a look and decide which you like best, according to whatever criteria is meaningful to you. Lobby for your favorites in the comments, or tell us why we’ve done a horrible job coming up with this year’s top ten.

Without further ado, the top ten …

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  • Luis

    I would go for the 1 st three websites.

  • Michael Haltman

    Very useful to see what are considered to be top websites because we can all do better on our own.

    • I think I need to clarify something, here. There are over 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the United States. About 75% of those are in private practice, and about half of those — or about 450,000 lawyers — are solos (source). I’m guessing that means there are somewhere around half a million law firms out there.

      Even if we assume only half of those have a website, that means there are hundreds of thousands of law firm websites. We cannot possibly comb through so many.

      Instead, we rely on our readers to nominate websites for our contest. From the nominations, we pick the top ten.

      In other words, these are the top websites from those that were nominated by our readers. If these are not the ten best law firm websites, overall, it is because our readers did not nominate better ones.

      So if you don’t think these are the best, nominate better ones next year.

      (By the way, despite your belief that you can do better on your own, your website would not have made the top ten.)

      • Michael Haltman

        A little bit snarky Sam particularly since I think you misunderstood my comment.

        What I said, and I believe what you did not understand, is that we can all improve upon our own websites (‘we can all do better on our own’ meaning improve our own websites)

        My comment, in other words, was meant as supporting the idea that we can all learn something from others.

        Read the comment a little bit more slowly and this time go for comprehension!

        And not for nothing I think your comment was meant only as an insult with no redeeming qualities that I can find.

        • I agree that your comment was as clear as mud.

          • Michael Haltman

            I accept your apology.

            • John

              Typical response from Sam Glover. He runs a decent website here, but I only assume he is a pain in practice given his consistently demonstrated wrong assumptions and sneer.

              • Wrong assumptions and sneer?

                Well, okay, I do sneer a bit. Here is the link Mr. Haltman wanted to include with his original comment. I think it is sneer-worthy, but maybe you differ.

                As for wrong assumptions, Mr. Haltman’s comment was hardly clearly-worded. “… we can all do better on our own” is ambiguous, at best. I assumed he meant “we can all do better on our own, without a designer” rather than “we can all do better on our own websites” because the tone of his post suggests he considers himself something of an authority on website design. I think it was a fair assumption, even if it was a wrong one.

                My bad, I guess.

                Please link me to my other wrong assumptions and sneer that lead you to call those “consistently demonstrated.” I’d like to collect them in one place.

  • John

    Shouldn’t this websites be as well well placed on google search, as a proof of their SEO qualities? Or maybe lawyerist could ease this challenge by showing their www address…

    • I’m quite certain that not everyone would place SEO qualities — if it were even possible to rate such a thing — as the most-important quality of a website. I certainly don’t.

      What do you mean by “ease this challenge by showing their www address?” You can visit each site by clicking on the thumbnail image of the site or the name of the firm. (FYI, all red text on Lawyerist is a link.)

    • qning

      Rather than clicking through the slides can you just make all the sites pop up in different windows? And by all I mean all 50.

      • I don’t know how to do that.

        Edit: I looked into it, and I think it would take some fancy Javascript. It would be pretty convenient, but I don’t think I can make it happen.

    • Gyi Tsakalakis

      On quick review, at least three of the sites are implementing SEO best practices on the home page. These include: effective use of html tags, as well as, open graph protocol. At least two of them have implemented Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. While my understanding is that this contest is typically geared toward design and UX, at least a few of these sites are doing a very nice job in terms of technical on-page SEO factors, FWIW.

  • Inez Petersen, J.D.

    Regarding Dickstein Shapiro’s website – Instead of 2 flags, I suggest the scales of justice.

    • Cyndy M

      I think scales of justice would be too cliche. (Maybe you were kidding?)

  • Larry Port

    Low bar. None of these are that awesome, IMO.

    • Luke Rubenstein

      Can you show us which ones you think are awesome?

      • John

        I came across this on on LinkedIn…. I think it should of been considered for top 10.

        • That’s pretty! I hope someone nominates it next year.

          • John

            Looks like they went live a day late for this competition. Interesting law firm, they do all their development in house. I noticed they won and award for their too.

    • Then nominate some better ones next year, Mr. Snootypants.

    • KissesandNoise

      They are all cheap templates

  • Sam, thanks for doing a list like this…I know from other blogs how much work it is, and I am glad you took on this project!! Very cool of you, sir!

    I didn’t know my site was nominated until I started seeing a spike in traffic in Analytics coming from the – pleased to have been nominated.

    I like the different approaches lawyers have to websites, as displayed in both the Top 10 and Not-Top-50. Creativity in the law is a “difference-maker”, as they say, and I love the creative websites you have listed.

    As an aside, would you be willing to share feedback – privately or publicly – about what you thought about my firm’s site: Share it here or email me privately at … whichever you prefer.

    Again, thank you!
    Chris Attig
    “Changing the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claims Process”

    • Overall, I just think the design is a bit off. Partly it is dated, and partly it is because the logo and color scheme, the font choice, those buttons — everything feels just a bit off.

      If you wanted to improve it, I would start with a new color scheme and a re-think of your website’s design. A new logo (or just a refresh) wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

  • Modus & Kilth Kin. The others didn’t even deserve a click. K& K is pared down. I would hope they have a meaty blog somewhere. Modus dares to ditch the pretense that lawyers are high-brow. Guess what? We’re not.

    • Jef Moddejonge

      Thanks! Alas, there isn’t no meaty Kith + Kin blog as of yet. That’s set to be launched on March 1st. We are definitely not all high brow, thankfully. “Accessibility” was something we made a strong effort to convey in our branding, so far it seems to have worked.

    • guest-lawyer

      Really you didn’t like Bradley M. Collins??? I was wondering your opinion on that site :)

      • I hope this isn’t Mr. Collins & I’ve managed to insult him!
        It’s a nice site. The Spanish is an excellent idea. I just like the others better.

        • guest lawyer

          No it is not him. :)

  • Sam, thanks for taking the time to review the Law Offices of Mark Jones’ website,

    Even though my firm’s site did not make it into the top 10, I really appreciate you considering it.

    Simply being mentioned in a post on the Lawyerist is an honor for me and my firm.

    Mark Jones

    • It’s a good-looking site. The main reason it didn’t make it to the top 10 is that the Windows 8 / Metro style was done in our contest last year.

      It’s also pretty busy, though. It’s hard to see just what you want a visitor to do.

      So I think it’s a good-looking site, but it could use some refinement. If it’s not converting visitors like you would hope, it’s probably worth doing.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Sam!

        I actually set out to make a better metro site than last year’s metro site. So it’s funny you should mention last year’s site, which is a great site by the way.

        As far as conversions, I have not had any problem with that. But I do tend to agree it needs refinement. I just launched it last November and like anything, it takes some polishing. Again, I appreciate the feedback!


        • Dennis Foreman

          Your site should get an “SEO Award” as it clearly outstrips more than half of the named sites in this contest.

          It effectively uses Search Optimization techniques and therefore ranks very highly in the organic listings; yours is the top law firm listing in the Columbus market after AVVO and a large law directory site.

          Not content with organic ranking excellence, your Google Local site ranks highly as well, and has a goodly number of positive Google Reviews.

          Well done!

          Yes, Sam has some valid points about the color and complexity of the homepage which you might profitably consider.

          Howsoever, to mis-quote the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers of the 60’s:
          “Relevant Organic Traffic and Conversions will get you through times of no Cosmetic Refinements much better than Cosmetic Refinements will get you through times of no Relevant Organic Traffic and Conversions!”

          Keep On Truckin’

          • Dennis, thanks for the kind words. I had a lot of help along the way in making an SEO optimized site! Main thing though is to blog and blog with passion. Blog till it hurts with original content and Google will reward ye!

  • Guest

    Thanks for review Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA’s website. The site didn’t make it to the top 10, but we are honor for being nominated.

    • Three things.

      1. Dropping a spammy link in your comment is lame. I removed it.

      2. I’m going to assume you’ve hired a foreign “SEO” company to handle your online marketing, given the errors in this comment and the spammy link.

      3. I’m guessing your website was nominated the the same online marketing company. If so, that was a violation of our (really, quite simple) contest rules. Extra lame.

      That’s too bad, because while your website probably would not have made our top ten (it’s not responsive, for one thing, and it’s also pretty template-y), there is nothing much wrong with it.

  • Jonathan Kleiman

    Kleiman law! (biased)

    • It’s a nice site based on ZigZagWP, but I think you missed an opportunity by not picking a big, beautiful “hero” image for the front page.

      • Jonathan Kleiman

        Thanks Sam! I had one, but I ultimately got rid of it to focus on the other content. I really appreciate your comment!

      • JK

        Ok so I added an image for the front page. Does it look silly?

        • I must have missed it. Sorry for my lateness in getting to your comment.

  • static

    The contest is fixed. Fixed!!! How is it possible my website didn’t make the top ten. It’s the best website ever. It’s cool. It’s hot. It’s happening. It’s spiffarooni. There is nudity and scratch and sniff, emitting a different odor every time. Plus, it’s uber responsive, and can sense when the person looking at it isn’t really a client with suitcases of money, in which case it reverts to this lame, circa 1987 website to scare the cheapskate away. It won’t even let you see the nudity. Ha! Like I’m going to waste nudity on a deadbeat.
    Now tell that that’s not the most awesome website ever? Yes, it is, and Sam sucks for ignoring me just because it would humiliate all the other law firms who aren’t nearly as cool as I am.

    • You’re just sore because we didn’t invite you to speak at our Reinvent the Future of New Normal Conference.

    • spiffarooni – added to dictionary.

    • Pablovivich Boguslavski

      Have you tried medication?

  • Which sites have the best conversion? I’ll vote for them. Otherwise I’m seeing only homepages, which I might not see if I came to the site through search or a blog post.

    • Dennis Foreman

      @Stephan Hovnanian – Totally agee!
      Nine of the 17 sites shown are completely unsuccessful at attracting organic searches. Conversions are not even a dim hope for them!

  • I’m disappointed didn’t make the top 10, but I created it so I guess it’s to be expected.

    I didn’t know “responsive design” was one of the criteria, I just thought it had to be a law firm website that had to have “the basics”.

    I’m not a professional web developer, I don’t even know what “responsive design” means. I’m a part-time admin asst for a construction law firm and the only thing I knew about websites is that I hated the one this firm had! I suggested they get a new one, but they didn’t have the budget (not even for $500!) so I took it upon myself to create one for them. I did my homework, and much of my web design & SEO info came from the Lawyerist’s previous web design contests & “the basics” article. I looked into web creation websites (like Wix, SquareSpace & Weebly) and chose Wix because they had the nicest web templates & best customer service.

    I won’t lie, designing it took a couple of months, I didn’t want the site to look like a template, so I seriously considered the pictures, the colors & the search words that would be used & made sure everything tied into firm’s specialization. Plus, I could only work on it during the down time.

    Everyone at the firm loved the site. Yeah, it’s not gonna win any awards (not even a nod in the top 10). However, just because a firm doesn’t have a budget for a nice website, with a bit of research, creativity and a nice template from a web creation website, you can make a nice looking one for almost nothing!

    • It’s a nice-looking site. Well done.

      And it looks like you’ve got a plugin that reformats the site on phones. That’s part of the way to being responsive, and it’s a good option for a DIY site.

      So yeah, nice job.

      • Thanks Sam! I used wix’s mobile optimization option for the site and I thought the site looked pretty good on mobile, though it is a bit clunky to get around in. Looked at the nominated sites on my phone and I now have a better understanding of responsive design. I really like the mobile look at Kith & Kin.

        • Mark

          Nice Job Emily, likewise I use Wix and the mobile thing works pretty good. The Wix editor can be a pain but it also lets me test design approaches quickly too.

          • Thanks Mark! What’s the web address for your site, would love to check it out!

    • Dennis Foreman

      Whatever one thinks about the esthetics, the value of as a marketing tool for the firm is exactly equal to the cost of building it.

      This is a site which produces no, zero, zip, nil, nada value for the firm because it is invisible to search engines; it attracts no search traffic even now – six months after being launched.

      The firm doesn’t yet know its site is valueless because they haven’t installed a way of measuring and reporting traffic volume and sources, i.e. free tool Google Analytics.

      To mis-quote the parable, “a lawyer who builds/optimizes his own website, has a fool for a client”.

      • Why does it not surprise me that you are a SEO & Web Marketing consultant? So are your disparaging remarks about an attempt to garner more business for your services?
        Regarding your sales technique, there’s an old saying, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

        • Dennis Foreman

          Mrs. Hall,

          I apologize if you found my comments offensive. Certainly I have pride of authorship in my own creations, and, I should have been more considerate of yours.

          I am not attempting to garner business on this site; I am quite satisfactorily busy. My habit of coming here and commenting was begun by my law firm clients. Annually they email me a link to the contest every year and solicit my comments; I’m quite candid with them. Consequently my comments here have perhaps been too, err, direct.

          I would suggest, however, that a change in the conversation here from “which site is prettiest” to something more on the order of “which site is effective”, which has the best User Experience, which one is most innovative, which one best expresses the personality of the attorney/firm, is long overdue.

          Briefly, choosing a “best website” based on its looks alone is as absurd as choosing one’s own attorney based on THEIR looks alone.

          BTW, I will happily provide you a Site Audit and a few hours of my time to help improve your site’s performance – at no cost to you or the firm.

          Dennis Foreman

  • CyndyMcC

    Kudos to Kith + Kin! And thank you, Sam, for holding the contest. It is great to see law firms moving past the boring gray and blue.

  • Hailie Durrett

    These websites are great to look at and use as inspiration! I am in the process of working on Durrett Law Firm’s online presence (website, social media, engagement, etc), and this list is giving me some great ideas. Here’s what we have so far:

    I’ve used squarespace as the host and I have loved everything about it thus far. It’s great and very user friendly.

    • KissesandNoise

      Your main navigation is muted. It should be bolder. Your Contact button should stand out more as that is the top priority and chief conversion point on the web.

    • Dennis Foreman

      I’m curious as to what keyword market you have aimed at. The site and content is not well optimized for any particular keyword phrase. The url suggests that you are aiming for “houston insurance claims lawyer” and related phrases which are “low-volume low-value”.

      Before you put more work into this website, close study of keyword markets would be a very good idea.

  • Rachel

    How do you nominate a site for this competition?

    • Keep an eye out for our call for nominations next January.

  • Told you so told you so told you so! I knew K&K rocked the moment I saw it! I’ve got a good eye. Wonder why my website ( is so bad?

    Great real estate here in Rightsville!

  • I’m a little late to the corner, but would welcome comments about my site, I launched it on 3 March (but imported some blog posts from my old personal site), as I just retired from the Marine Corps and opened my own practice. I’ll definitely be tweaking it in the future, using some of these sites as inspiration. Thanks!

    • KissesandNoise

      the long scroll I feel is a fad right now and only works with some business verticals. You most likely have a more traditional audience that could be confused. The same with the “sandwich” or “hamburger” navigation. That is a staple for mobile but actually adds another layer of complexity for simply navigating the site. Phone number and contact form should be “global” or omnipresent because that is the ultimate goal; lead generation. The divs from the long scroll cover up things in the background. That’s just first glance …

  • What is your opinion of the Scorpion Design company from California? I changed over to them after PPH (Pengiun, Panda, Hummingbird) and am holding on to see results.

    • KissesandNoise

      I’ve heard they are slightly on the scammy side just re-purposing templates and charging too much. They’ve just done a great job marketing themselves as a law firm web agency

  • floppyfluke

    I also think this competition is rigged. How can be the best thats out there? Holy mother its horrendous.

    • It’s definitely not “rigged,” but since voting determined the winner, it’s possible that Kith + Kin won due to its massive push for votes rather than the greatness of its website.

      I’m not sure we’ll use voting in the future. Or at least it won’t be the only way to win.

      • KissesandNoise

        Use design (user experience [UX] and user interface [UI]) and development professionals to judge website design and functionality

      • Dennis Foreman

        Please also consider making basic Search Optimization a requirement.

        While on-trend and pretty to some, 53% of these sites are not functional for the most basic law firm need – attracting new clients!

    • Agreed – kit and kin law is horrible. How anyone can determine that it is the best on any list is beyond me.

  • KissesandNoise

    Really? How could a $500 template job be the best site of 2014? This just underscores my notion and any digital professional that has ever had experience working with a law firm (or physician for that matter) that lawyers do not know anything about design, digital strategy, or user experience. A child could “build” this site.

    • KissesandNoise

      Oh it was a vote. So it really isn’t the best. I get it.

    • Donald Silvernail

      Sometimes its not the look. The best websites are all about how information is delivered to the potential client, and in turn they act on the call to action. Flashy well polished websites do not always convert.

  • KissesandNoise

    You piled all of the services on one page!

  • SrMikeCampbell

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the winning website appears to have a major typo. It says “Lawyers / Avocats”. Is “Avocats” a relative word? I don’t think so.

    • It’s French, dude.

      • An Ony

        Dang… must be why the “Sr.”

  • Tyler

    Someone please ask Kith & Kin what an “avocat” is.

    • It’s French for lawyer. Kith & Kin is a Canadian firm, so it makes sense.

      P.S., you’re making America look bad.

      • Tyler

        Ah. Ontario. Got it.

  • Japa

    Hey guys, I’d like to send the Web Sites of one of the best law firms in Brazi:

    Developed in Microsoft SharePoint 2010, by SimbioX (


  • You nominated 2 sites developed on squarespace? ouch… the pain… Also, the Stover law group website is just downright disturbing… but then again so are personal injury TV commercials…I of course am partial to my firm’s designs but have been lax in submitting any to your contest. If there are any prizes involving in-home chocolate deliveries or trips to Europe I’ll try to be more involved in the future.

    • Just to clarify, our readers do the nominating. And for my money, I’d take those SquareSpace sites over 90% (or more) of the law firm websites out there.

  • I would go for the 1st three websites.