If you’ve got a new tablet (or if there is one waiting under your tree), you will probably trying every app in the store. Keep at it, by all means, but to focus your app addiction, I reached out to two specialists: Jeff Taylor of The Droid Lawyer, and Jeff Richardson of iPhoneJD.

Here are the apps they recommend you start with:

Top Apps for Android

Almost all of the apps Jeff Taylor recommends for your new Android tablet are free. ezPDF Reader has a few purchasing options if the free trial doesn’t do it for you, and Depose, which is built to help you organize your deposition questions and notes, is just $7.99.

Taylor also recommends picking up a Chromecast for $35 (or just $29.99 on Amazon, at the moment), which makes it easy to control a television from your tablet. And, unless your tablet is for work only, he also recommends PandoraNetflix, and Hulu+ for entertainment.

Here are Taylor’s 2013 pick for the best Android apps for lawyers.

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