We are excited to announce our newest project, Lawyerist LAB: the Lawyering Advisory Board!

Please take a minute to learn about our new solution to provide peer and expert advice to solo attorneys and others wanting to start a new law practice.

The Lawyering Advisory Board (LAB) offers an exclusive peer and expert community to help you build a thriving law firm business.

What is Lawyerist LAB?

Lawyerist LAB—the Lawyering Advisory Board—is an exclusive online community for solo practitioners, firm owners, and attorneys and law students considering starting their own law practice. Lawyerist LAB offers attorneys and law students on-call peer support and expert advice to help you start a new law firm or thrive in your current law practice.

Lawyerist LAB members receive peer and expert advice on…

  • Becoming a business-savvy law firm owner
  • Building your book of business with online and traditional law firm marketing
  • How to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs) to build your reputation as a professional
  • How to experiment with innovations in legal services pricing
  • Using the right software and technology tools for maximum productivity
  • Creating a budget and financing your law firm
  • How to plan your transition into solo practice

Learn more about Lawyerist LAB: The Lawyering Advisory Board here.

One response to “Introducing Lawyerist LAB: The Lawyering Advisory Board”

  1. Nena Street says:

    This is such a cool project and the dialogue we have going in Lawyerist LAB is already substantive and helpful. I encourage all Lawyerist readers to join the conversation.

    Check it out!

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