Paul Floyd is a successful, well-respected Minneapolis lawyer whose practice I have long looked to as a model to be followed. Unlike a consultant, he can tell you what has made his practice successful based on his own experiences, and he is worth listening to.

At the Strategic Solutions for Solo & Small Firms conference, Paul listed 7 ideas for small-firm lawyers who want to make their practices more profitable (note: you won’t find social media, SEO, or virtual paralegals on this list).

LexisNexis’s Christopher Anderson was there, and here are his tweets of Paul’s plenary:


  1. Avatar Frank Strong says:

    Ah! Just seeing this now. Great use of Storify, Sam.

  2. Avatar Christopher Anderson says:

    I second Sam’s comments. It was a good talk. I wish Paul had an hour, as I am sure he could have expounded on each point. I found it particularly neat that he found relevance in “Moneyball,” which was the theme of a talk I did earlier in the day.

    Minnesota CLE puts on a really great conference for Solo and Small Law. Always worth the trip!

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