Social media should be part of your marketing campaign. Like any other marketing technique, however, it needs to be organized and focused. Consider using a social media calendar to maximize your efforts.

As you get started, here are four key elements to keep track of: (1) focus; (2) theme; (3) keyword; (4) events. Keeping a calendar will force you to think about your campaign before it happens, and also ensure you do not continually promote the same material or ideas.

As your campaign grows, you can create a more detailed calendar to keep track of other elements. For example, keeping track of guest posts on a blog, setting target publish dates, and making sure events actually happen with a completion form. You also want to keep track of how your various elements are being transmitted, via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, staying organized will help you maximize your returns.

Elements of a Social Media Calendar | WebWorker Daily

(photo: ifindkarma)