Best Law Firm Websites, 2013 Edition


Free: 10 Things the Best Law-Firm Website Designs Have in Common

For seven years, Lawyerist has published an annual list of the best law firm websites. Now, you can find out what they have in common.

Every year, we ask our readers to help us find the best law firm websites, then pick the top ten. Check out the current law firm websites contest!

It’s time. Aaron, Greg, and I have been through the nominations and whittled the contenders down to the 10 best law firm websites from the nominations we received. I expect we all used slightly-different criteria, but it was pretty easy to pick 10.

Each site is visually striking, and many have unique features. Make sure you watch the video on The Kim Law Firm website, check out the parallax effect on Sandage Bell’s, and look for the cheeky copy on Mighty Marks.

Rather than explain why we picked these 10, we’ll let you take a look and decide which you like best.

Here they are, in no particular order. (All links will open in a new tab.)

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  • johnthunder

    Great selection of nominations Sam. Amazed to see the progress in designs every year. Seems like html5 has finally hit the scene for law firms, though not quite convinced just yet. Thoughts?

    • Yeah, I’m not sure you can draw a sweeping conclusion like that from such a small selection. Many (perhaps most) law firm websites haven’t been updated in years. It will be a while before most lawyers have responsive HTML5 websites.

      • Ram Gupta

        Yeah, I’m not sure you can draw a sweeping conclusion like that from such a small selection. Many (perhaps most) law firm websites haven’t been updated in years. It will be a while before most lawyers have responsive HTML5 websites.

  • To me, the most surprising (but not necessarily #1) is the JAG website. I’m impressed to see an organization such as this embrace something new and different from what the rest of the government is doing.

    • While I agree with you, the military branches have long been on the cutting edge of marketing to recruits. The website is great, but it’s nothing compared to the video game the Army produced.

      • A very good point indeed. But JAG isn’t marketing to 18 year old guys who are juiced up by swords and climbing mountains. They are advertising to presumably sophisticated law students and prospective law students. I guess my point is that they understand their market and demographic is different from the rest of the military units that typically advertise, and they are doing a good job of targeting that market.

        • Lukasz Gos

          Yeah, I think I’ve ‘nominated’ the JAG too. IMHO, they seem to have the best site around, and if the site’s any guide, they might as well really be the best law firm in the world. They really make me think what if I were American, what a cool job I could have (if I passed the physicals, which is unlikely).

  • Carl Holden

    Interesting to note that only Anderson, Irwin and Boughton are Mobile Responsive. That’s something all websites should have nowadays.

    • Rufina C.

      Boughton is also responsive.

  • I think all of these websites look fantastic but I can’t vote for a website that doesn’t have recent blog posts. It just shows disrespect for a Web presence and for Internet readers.

    • What if the website doesn’t include a blog in the first place? Is that a dealbreaker for you, too?

      • I’d say it connotes a certain lack of engagement with a Web audience. But no blog is better than hosting a graveyard blog.

  • Rebecca Ortiz

    Mari A. Irwin is the best and moblie responsive

    • Joe the lion

      I disagree. I really liked until I actually clicked content buttons. The actual information under “child custody” and “divorce law” consisted of a single self-serving sentence about how it it sucks, but she can help it suck less.

      I’m pretty sure most consumers want more, and will move on to search for valuable information and a sense of excellence.

  • Andres

    Hi Sam, nice selection! I’ve created a list in Simulty, a webpage combinator we’ve just launched, so you can access all firms from one single tab and share them using a unique link:
    Hope you’ll like it!

  • No Fishtown Lawyers? Seriously?

    • It’s a great site, but nobody nominated it. Although if they had, and we selected it, I imagine we would be inundated by people calling us crooked cheaters for including the website of one of our contributors.

  • Lukasz Gos

    JAG, BDA, MA. Pity I voted for JAG alone before realising I could pick up to 3. As for the rest, I don’t even like them.

  • Beau

    Looks like a bunch of sites using themes from themeforest. With the exception of the jag site.

    • Joe

      I noticed the same thing. Voting for best themeforest theme I suppose.

      • I’d be curious if you could link to the themes pages for the sites you think come from Themeforest. I’m interested, and I’m sure others would be, as well.

  • Impressive websites I vote for Boughton Law and Jag

  • mike carley

    best in terms of what – brand strategy, positioning, differentiation, relevant/progressive practice and value models? These are some of the qualities that matter in a fundamentally changing profession and an environment where nearly every firm looks, acts, and sounds alike. Saying “We do things differently” or referring to your firm as “Uncommon” means nothing. Plenty do it, few follow through. I think this contest of or whatever you prefer to call it is totally worthless. There is no value in this.

    • Greatness is ineffable. Either that, or you are over-thinking what is meant to be a fun contest.

  • Rosemary Walsh

    I too thought the JAG site was the best and am only sorry that I can’t hire them. I like the Boughton tagline and *that* image, not so much some of the others in the stream. I agree with another commenter that all the lawyer sites say they’re different (and, as a group, are some of the most godawful sites ever). That’s why I also like the MA site, specifically for the “Why we fight” component. My experience is collusion is more the order of the day than fighting for the client. Just the existence of the “Why we fight” makes them more believable.

    I really dislike the Mari Irwin interface on the front page. It looks like the interface that Microsoft was pushing for their smartphone. And it works as an interface for a phone given the real estate constraints.

  • Alec Rippberger

    I didn’t bother watching Kim’s video. If I were searching for an attorney I probably wouldn’t have either–the bland website wouldn’t spur me to.’s server isn’t configured to redirect non-WWW requests… that would be enough to discourage me from (re)visiting. Also, the site looks awful on my phone. has to be my favorite. That guy’s beard is plain kick-ass.

    It feels like this list is based solely off of visual appearance. I think it would be nice if information architecture and accessibility played a larger role.

    • It feels like this list is based solely off of visual appearance. I think it would be nice if information architecture and accessibility played a larger role.

      Totally fair criticism. Although I don’t know how we would train our electorate to vote based on information architecture and accessibility. Instead, I intend to address the “don’t judge a book by its cover” problem when I announce the winner (which looks like it will be BD&P by a mile, at this point).

  • Not in the contest, obviously, but I just had coffee with two women who built a great-looking law firm website on SquareSpace. Seriously, it’s worth checking out:

  • kelly

    none of these are that great…expected better

  • Julia Youngs

    First is Jag Site…visually attractive, well organized, great content, but never TOO wordy (a common error on legal websites. I like Burnett as well – it is also well organized with useful content, and the site has a homey, “real people” feel that would make me comfortable calling them.

  • Gary Adkins

    I’ll vote for Morris Anderson, Jag, and Kim law. Well done!

    Wow, I thought our new law firm site was pretty good but these are outstanding. If anyone wants to offer any suggestions on ways we could improve our site, we would love to hear it.

    • Joe

      I actually really enjoyed looking at your site. There’s some things I’d change in mobile view but it’s very professional looking.

  • Rose Gross

    This website,, went live today and I thought it was really awesome and warranted a submission in your competition!

    • Joe

      It’s attractive enough but there’s some common CSS errors that I noticed with the menu amongst other things. My guess is someone bought a theme and customized it without paying attention to detail.