Let’s face it, most law firm websites are bland, boring, look like templates, and are just plain ugly. Year after year they continue to look the same. Over the past few years I have added a new version of this post, which is meant to provide inspiration for the design of your legal website. This is meant to make the average law firm website better, to reduce the number of generic and template law firm websites, to provide inspiration for those of you attempting to put together your own websites so that your site doesn’t look the same as every other site. It may also provide ideas for what works in a design or layout, current trends, and what your potential competition might be doing.

A few disclaimers: this is only my opinion and my thoughts are only based on the look and design (layout, imagery, and overall visual representation) of each site, not the content, not the SEO, not the conversion rate, quality of the firm, or anything else. It is also not a contest (I don’t believe that “Design by Committee” ever works), or something any of these websites have won, and they are only deemed “the best” because I like them. Finally, I am not promoting any of my own sites.

In the last two years this post was opened up to nominations which ended up being a cattle call of self-promotion and websites nominated based on random opinion. These are my opinions, but they are based on my thoughts of functional design and effective visual communications, as someone who went to school for this and claims to be a professional in this field. I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of compiled examples of great law firm websites I have found over the past year, some of which have come up a few times in client suggestions. These stand out from the hundreds of other typical law firm websites and are doing something different. They communicate visually and are effective in their overall design to present the firm as professional, experts, and unique.

Here are some stunning examples of this year’s best law firm website designs:

best law firm website, Johnson, Killen & Seiler

Johnson, Killen & Seiler

The bold colors, layout, and great imagery on this site are clean with great white space and communicate a firm that is professional but modern, willing to be bold. This is another great example of using photos of your firm to make your site feel less generic and more representative of the firm’s brand.

best law firm website, Miller Health LawMiller Health Law

This firm knows their niche and potential client well, and it shows. Their visuals represent the atmosphere of a health care environment, clean and almost sterile but not in a bad way. This is a great example of a design that works for their narrow focus and would not be appealing to a different client needing a warmer more personal feel.

best law firm website, The Kim Law FirmThe Kim Law Firm

Talk about great branding. This site does a fantastic job of using their brand’s red throughout the visuals to illustrate their unique selling proposition and strengthen their points. The use of whitespace is also fantastic and creates a modern, clean feeling.

best law firm website, Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PCStein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC

This site is all about the layout and then secondarily the use of great bold colors that compliment the logo perfectly. The grid layout does a great job of multitasking with an image, branding with colors, a message, and navigation all at the same time.

best law firm website, Patton Boggs Patton Boggs

This website presents a strong and unified set of visuals that support the brand’s colors, convey a strong message, and also feels very conversational. The slideshow has a quick, responsive feeling with giant taglines that are very compelling.

best law firm website, Cravath, Swaine & MooreCravath, Swaine & Moore

This site has been brought to my attention by more than one client who favors typeography. The elegant use of type, no imagery, and clean layout is a combination very difficult to achieve and the design team for Cravath made it look easy.

best law firm website, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

The background visuals on the home page of this site are simply stunning (they change every time you return to the site) and convey attention to detail. However, the inner pages on this site are disappointing. This is a good example of the trendy layout with a giant home page image.

(photo: Opensourceway)

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