I own and regularly use 4 computers:

  1. A Mac mini, my home office desktop and primary machine;
  2. A Samsung ARM Chromebook, my primary portable (a/k/a couch computer);
  3. A ThinkPad T400, running Ubuntu and serving time as a desktop with a 24″ external monitor at the office; and
  4. An old Dell Inspiron, running Windows 7 for Windows-only software and hardware (it also has Crashplan and a 2TB second hard drive for backing up all the computers in the house).

It just occurred to me that this is probably a large number of computers for one person to use. I just hate carrying around a laptop; I would rather have a computer at each place I work, and one to take with me. So I will probably always have (at least) a desktop in each office, plus one laptop. It’s also why I am such a big fan of file sync services like Dropbox and Google Drive. They are how I make sure I always have access to the same set of files, no matter which computer I am using.

But what about you? Is 1 computer the norm, or are there more of you like me out there?