When all you had was e-mail, backing up your online data was a piece of cake. Now, most people have information spread out over social networks, photo sharing sites, blogs, and more. Backupify backs up all that data so you do not have to worry about losing it if the services you use get hacked, wiped, or just go out of business.

Backupify normally charges a small fee, but through January 31st, you can sign up and get unlimited storage for free. And your account will remain free, even after January 31st.

The service is running slow, since a lot of people are taking advantage of this deal, but it is worth the wait to get in before the pay wall goes back up.

One response to “Get This: Backupify is Free Through January 31st”

  1. Nena Street says:

    Great tip!

    It never occurred to me that I should back up the data I have on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Thanks for the heads up!

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