Total Attorneys launched its practice management software with a $1/month price tag. The obvious reason why was TA’s add-ons, which was how Total Attorneys planned to make its money.

The problem, from my perspective anyway, was that this turned the practice management software into a sales funnel. I didn’t see how Total Attorneys would be motivated to go up against software with a more “serious” price tag, like Clio, MyCase, and Rocket Matter.

Maybe I was right.

Total Attorneys has raised the price of its practice management software to $20/month for up to 2 users, $40/month for 3–10 users, and will quote rates for larger firms. (Thanks to Andrea for pointing out the new pricing in our comments.) Here’s how Total Attorneys founder, Ed Scanlan, explains the reason for the new pricing:

We have received such positive response from many firms sharing their desire for us to keep investing in building out the system with additional functionality. We decided it best to charge a what we believe to be a fair price to fund the development of the features our users are requesting.

In other words, Total Attorneys couldn’t satisfy users’ expectations at $1/month. I’ve met Ed several times and talked about his software, and I don’t think he would stand for that. He was practically giddy with pride when the iPad app was released at TechShow in 2012. Given his enthusiasm, I think Ed would rather change the business model than compromise on his vision for the software.

Despite the greater cost (which is still less than any of its competitors), I think the new pricing is good news for lawyers who want to use practice management software.

UPDATE: Existing accounts will be free until January 2014, when they will have to update to the new pricing terms.