We are really excited to let you know about a project we have been thinking about and working on for a long time.

Today we are launching Lawyerist Sites, a new service to design and host great law firm websites and blogs.

It’s Time You Had a Better Website

If you’ve been paying attention, Sam has been focusing a lot of energy lately on criticizing the current state of a lot of law firm websites and law blogs.

The truth is that a lot of law firm websites and blogs are terrible—either they have bad design, are out of date, or they don’t understand how to write great content for readers.

It’s time to change that.

Lawyerist Sites is a network of websites and blogs for lawyers. We are leveraging our experience designing, developing, and writing Lawyerist to build you beautiful, fast, secure, optimized law firm websites and law blogs.

6 Features of a Great Law Firm Website

We think Lawyerist Sites will be the best value you can find for great website and blog design — though we’re obviously a little biased. Here are 6 reasons why you should launch your site with (or transitioning your existing site to) Lawyerist Sites:

  1. Design
    Your site will be designed by the team that designed Lawyerist.com. We will build a beautiful website or blog, just for you.
  2. Optimization
    Your site will be built on the same platform (WordPress) and using the same tools and plug-ins used to optimize Lawyerist.com.
  3. Content expertise
    We’ve spent the past 5 years figuring out how to write great stuff for the Internet. When you use Lawyerist Sites, we will provide you with our best practices for content development.
  4. Support
    Your site comes with unlimited support to keep your site well-maintained.
  5. Security
    Your site will be actively backed-up and monitored to keep it free of spam and to minimize security risks.
  6. The Lawyerist Network
    As part of our Lawyerist Sites community, we will actively promote your best content on Lawyerist.com. Not only will this build up your site’s profile for things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but will also help you build your readership. As the publishers of the leading law practice blog and forum (with over 1.5 million visitors last year), we want to leverage our traffic and profile to help you grow your practice.

Learn More about Lawyerist Sites

We are really excited to help you improve your presence online. Please take a minute to learn more about Lawyerist Sites — and tell all your friends about it! (Okay, it would be weird and awkward if you told all of your friends about — how about just your lawyer friends?).

If you think it’s a dumb idea to pay anyone to build you a great website, here’s our free do-it-yourself guide to setting yourself up with a WordPress site. But if you would rather pay someone else to make things easy on you, check out Lawyerist Sites.

5 responses to “Build an Amazing Law Firm Website or Law Blog with Lawyerist Sites”

  1. hater says:

    Ha! This is refreshing. Please tell me this marks the end of the lawyerist’s self-righteous hypocrisy. At least you’re now fully out in the open. You’re not arbiters of taste, you’re not here to “help” new lawyers or start-ups… there isn’t an altruistic bone in this whole stinking carcass. At the end of the day you’re vendors peddling the same snake oil as findlaw, or scorpion, or every other quick-buck artist living off the detritus of this god-awful legal market.
    to quote Carlito: “You ain’t a lawyer no more Dave. You’re a gangster now. You on the other side. Whole new ball game. You can’t learn about it in school, and you can’t have a late start.”
    Good luck.

    • Aaron Street says:


      If you think we’re peddling snake oil, please don’t sign up for one of our sites.

      Most lawyers need websites. Most lawyers probably should not build their own. (For those that can, I was pretty explicit in recommending some free DIY tips). For those lawyers who are going to pay someone to design and host a website for them, we think our service and price is compelling. If you don’t think so, please don’t buy it.

      We’ve never shied away from acknowledging that Lawyerist is a for-profit endeavor, so I’m not clear on where there’s hypocrisy.

      • hater says:

        Like I said, good on you for finally coming out with an endeavor that doesn’t hide behind platitudes and self-righteousness. Honest is better.
        But please don’t feign surprise that Lawyerist is and has been more than a bit insincere about what it is that you exactly do. You haven’t shied away from acknowledging that you are a for-profit endeavor? Really? Liarist!
        You claim to be a blog. Point blank. Please read your own “about us” section.
        You peddle advice and expertise. One of the pillars of that advice is that blogging is about authenticity and love for the subject and love of writing and blah blah blah effing blah. Then you turn around and try to monetize your authenticity and your “blogginess”. You do that in a number of icky ways…
        1. you hype products who are also advertisers
        2. your contributors review their own products as shining examples of quality without clear disclaimers
        3. you build SEO value with cross-linking and keywords to your related sites in an unnatural way

        These are just off the top of my head. I’m sure another 20 minutes of poking around would reveal a ton more conflicts and hypocrisy and general hide-the-wiener-ish-ness.
        Ultimately your whole business model can be summed up like this:
        “We are cool and legit and recognize the real shit. Trust us on that. Everyone else sucks…. Now, would you like to buy some real shit?”

        As far as your counter argument: “If you don’t like it don’t buy it”… good one. You got me there.
        I won’t.

  2. I love anonymous posters.

    Since I’m one of the fools who was duped into having Lawyerist Sites revamp and host my WordPress blog, perhaps I should explain why I did it.

    (1) I have no idea how to set up a blog, much less administer it. My original WordPress blog was terrible.
    (2) Lawyerist Sites worked with me to create a format that was best suited to my needs.
    (3) The set up and hosting is comparatively cheap, and they are always available to tweak the blog as needed.

    So, in other words, I got exactly what I wanted and needed. And Lawyerist would have to pay me 100 times more than it does now for me to quit my day job and start writing for it full time. So there’s no incentive for me to take to these comments to hype a product that I didn’t believe in.

  3. I’m one of the staff writers for Lawyerist. I’m probably the token curmudgeon. I find I really enjoy my weekly post. As for me, I have absolutely nothing to do with the Lawyerist web business. I learned of it by reading Lawyerist.

    Speaking for myself, my posts have no hidden profit motive. I simply enjoy writing and sharing my experience. I agreed to write for Lawyerist because I think I have experiences and a view point that differs from other writers here on Lawyerist. So I think “hater” is off the mark. Most of the writers on Lawyerist write for the same reasons I do.

    As for Sam’s new endeavor? Well … Sam’s focus is on marketing and blogging for lawyers. He has studied this and developed an expertise. He has developed a product for lawyers to help fill what he perceives as a need. The market forces will determine if he is right. But is that somehow wrong? I earn my living as a lawyer. I earn my living by selling my expertise to my clients. I’m just trying to figure out why that is apparently ok, but selling your experience to lawyers is not?

    Doesn’t make sense to me.

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