Having a website and a web presence are key to your marketing. Make sure you get the results you want from your site by using a program that tracks statistics for your website and your social media accounts.

Google Analytics is free and tracks more data than you can imagine. It tracks the number of daily visitors, where they come from, whether they are new or returning visitors, and even what state and city they came from.

At a basic level, you find out if people are visiting your site. You can also use the stats to track whether your marketing efforts are reaching their intended target. If you want to make your site successful, Analytics is a must-use.

If you have more than just a website, like a Twitter account, or a Facebook account, you should consider using PostRank Analytics. PostRank adds statistics from social media and also adds “points” for every time a person comments on a site or a blog post. If you use social media as part of your marketing strategy, PostRank may be worth the $9 a month after the 30 day trial.