7 Famous Lawyers with Lower Avvo Ratings than Mine


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sam-glover-avvoI am awesome. You know it, I know it, and Avvo knows it. That’s why there is a big, shiny 10 next to my smiling self on my Avvo profile.

Some lawyers have over-inflated egos. They have a reputation, but it is full of hot air. Avvo knows about them, too. Here are 7 of them, from Eric Holder to Abraham Lincoln, who don’t measure up to my lawyering prowess.

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  • You beat this guy, too. He’s even got a misconduct citation!

    Bill Clinton Avvo

  • It’s obvious, Mr. Glover, that you have not followed my advice to attract clients by using a crappier Avvo rating. We recommend maintaining a 6.7 rating, and Mondale, Clark, and Dershowitz are spot on, having obviously taken our advice. Holder, Tribe and that Garner fellow are known overachievers.

  • This is fun.

    • I’m so bummed I didn’t think of Judge Judy!

  • You also fared a bit better than this guy.

  • Leo

    Avvo is stupid, but I am also rated a 10 — so can I now ethically post on my website “BETTER THAN LINCOLN!*” “<> *according to Avvo”.

  • Gregory Luce has won the thread.

  • Carlton Dyce

    Interesting exchange, but I would like to make a correction with respect to the comment “…than older lawyer-rating services like Martindale-Hubbell, which makes lawyers pay to get a rating.” This is simply not the case. A lawyer cannot pay to get a Martindale-Hubbell rating.

    In 140 years of providintg lawyer ratings, Martindale-Hubbell has never charged for a rating. The ratings process is considered a tried and true objective indicator that a lawyer has the highest ethical standards and professional ability. Martindale-Hubbell ratings provide that extra level of confidence for someone looking for a lawyer, whether that lawyer is part of a small firm or large firm, and whether or not that lawyer is one of our paying subscribers. A lawyer’s Martindale-Hubbell rating was, and is, achieved based solely on merit.

    Carlton Dyce, Martindale-Hubbell

    • Archibald_Haddock

      Martindale-Hubbell is a better system, but no one should take a reference from a website rating service. For the Avvo thing, there is a lawyer I regretfully had to let go for incompetence despite a really strong resume and pedigree. Kept him at a big loss for a few years as a lateral from a Wall Street Firm he left after 2 years. I didn’t like that but we had a need. Happens. I kept him employed a few years until it became intolerable and he could find a new home. He has a strong Avvo rating and can’t tell his ass from his elbow. Blunt. In just a glance through I also saw other lawyers whom I know to be among the very best with mediocre ratings. Avvo as a rating system is worse than useless.

  • I love the quote from Dershowitz highlighted on their website. Apparently clients want transparency but don’t care if you can’t spell transparency:

    “The essential basis for a positive attorney-client relationship is trust. This can only be achieved with mutual trasparency.” – ALAN DERSHOWITZ

  • Archibald_Haddock

    I happened on Avvo tonight. Ratings are wacky (really wacky) and seem to be based mostly on attorneys’ own self promotion.