Lawyers are always asking. “who has the best law firm website?” And I always answer, “that’s easy, Saul Goodman.”

But what makes attorney Goodman’s website the best?

Is it the design? His calls to action? His messaging? The SEO?

Let me break it down for you.

To the experienced legal web designer’s eye, the effectiveness of Saul’s site is immediately apparent from the home page.

Anyone familiar with Plutchik’s wheel of emotions will immediately recognize the intentional use oranges (vigilance), yellows (ecstasy) and reds (rage).

These are the emotions that Saul’s potential clients are feeling and his mastery of color theory is clear. It’s also no mistake that he includes a link to his philanthropic causes.

Saul also makes it very clear who he helps:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Homicide confessions
  • Parking tickets
  • Slip & Fall
  • Bond fraud

Contrary to the conventional wisdom of going with a niche practice, Saul positions himself as a “one-stop-shop for all your legal needs.” The guy has range.

While he doesn’t expressly list fees on his site, he does offer 2-for-1 pricing. He is truly a disruptive force in legal services.

Saul takes Google’s business photo pilot program to a whole new level by providing a look into his world via office webcam:

I like the fact that Goodman is helping local businesses by permitting them to advertise on his site. I would imagine that he permits these businesses to advertise for free.
No disclaimer.

He also makes it easy for his visitors to share his content by including popular social media buttons. His inclusion of MySpace and Digg is especially tech-savvy.

While Saul appropriately uses real photographs, I would suggest that his use of popular legal stock images was a mistake. With regard to his automatic pop-up video, I have two words: bigger & longer.

Client Testimonials

Better Call Saul Testimonials

His use of client testimonials really resonated with me. This is the competitive advantage that providing excellent client service can provide. There’s simply no substitute for satisfied clients speaking positively about you.

TV Ads

While you might find some of his television ads distasteful, real lawyers know that these just work.

SEO & Marketing

Saul obviously knows SEO and Marketing. Using a popular SEO tool, you can get a sense of how popular Saul’s site is with the internet community:

Open Site Explorer saul

Saul laughs at your puny social media metrics.

He has been able to attract links from AMC, Wikipedia and The Daily Beast. So it comes as little surprise that he ranks #1 for the keywords he’s targeting on his homepage:

dui  dealing drugs    Google Search

He understands that what potential clients see when they search for him matters.

His use of a local phone number is also a good indication that he gets local search (but I don’t think it’s necessary to point out that it’s not toll free).

Of course, no site is perfect, and Saul Goodman’s is no exception. He’s missing a disclaimer.

Does your law firm website suck? Better call Saul.

4 responses to “Better Call Saul: The Best Law Firm Website”

  1. Ashley McCord says:

    Is this a joke? Granted I’m not a lawyer, just a prelaw junior in Tennessee, but…. This seems like a joke. I would never hire this guy. Please tell me it is a joke. Please.

  2. Better yet, I’d like to know if Saul has called you yet, Gyi!? :-)

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