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Today MyCase announced a new version of their iPhone app. The previous version was essentially just a mobile billing platform. You could not do much else with it. But I’ve had the beta version of the newest offering and it is head and shoulders above what they had before.

What I Like About the MyCase App

The new app is completely redesigned. Unlike the earlier version, it incorporates all of the aspects of the website, including documents, messaging, calendaring, timekeeping, and task management. And clients can now download the app to use the MyCase client portal on the go and access the same information as attorneys.

As I said, the only thing I used the earlier version for was entering billable time while out of the office. The new version promises to actually help one’s practice. You can now add notes and create tasks right from the app. This will go a long way to making MyCase a dedicated practice portal. Before, there was no way to use the task feature unless you were at your computer. You couldn’t even see the tasks on the app. So I used separate software for my task list, and had to check both sites regularly.

Similarly, keeping notes on cases was a pain. We had to maintain a notes file in our Dropbox folder. But the only way to edit that file was from a computer. And the only way to access the notes on a case was to open the document through the Dropbox app. Now I can easily view and add notes right from the app.

Navigation in the app is also a breeze. A swipe from the left reveals the menu bar, complete with a search feature. A swipe from the right reveals a quick-add bar, where you can add calendar entries, time entries, contacts, tasks, and notes. When viewing a case you can easily navigate between the main information screen and the notes, calendar, and linked contacts.

What I Don’t Like About the New App

The biggest down side to this new app is the lack of offline support. The previous version downloaded all of your information and kept it local. With the new version, there is not much stored locally. If you’re in airplane mode you can see the calendar and your list of contacts and cases. But that’s it. If you try clicking a contact or case, you can’t get any information.

There are still no push notifications for calendar events or tasks. But I’m told by the folks in development at MyCase that these features should be rolling out shortly.

Finally, it is still difficult to sign clients up from the app. You can add a contact, but you can’t take much information. Not even a phone number. There is also no way to add a matter from within the app.


Overall, the app is a huge step in the right direction. MyCase’s goal, like its competitiors, is for attorneys to use the site for all of their practice management needs. MyCase isn’t there yet. The task management and intake tools just aren’t strong enough.

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2 responses to “Hands on With MyCase’s New iPhone App”

  1. Vijay Sharma says:

    I started using Daylite by marketcircle back in October, and it’s really helped out. It’ll sync with the server you have set up on your Mac, I was able to set up so I can remotely sync everything. But I think they’re going into a monthly, cloud billing direction on top of what they already have.

    It’s a bit of money commitment upfront but It’s been worth it since I wasn’t able to find any all-in-one that fit just right. They have a separate invoicing app But it leaves a bit to be desired.

    • Sam Glover says:

      I just got a look at Daylite while at TechShow. Looks pretty cool, especially for someone (like me) who doesn’t really want full practice management software when it’s just me. Still, I don’t have a lot of use for local software, or for platform-dependent software. I much prefer cloud-based software so I’m not stuck on a particular system.

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