Subtasks may not sound sexy, but coupled with MyCase’s robust messaging (including on tasks), MyCase starts to look more like project management software than just practice management software. If you are working with a team, this would be pretty nice to have.

MyCase mostly seems to be focused on tweaks lately, like allowing you to add a trust account history to your invoices, batch invoicing, and calendar updates that allow you to see your schedule according to day, week, month, and agenda.

None of the updates are mindblowing on their own, but add them up, and MyCase is maturing nicely. It also has something more interesting on the way.

At TechShow next weekend, MyCase says it will launch an iPhone app for both attorneys and clients. In addition to the usual features you would expect in a practice management software’s companion app (timekeeping, billing, and stuff), clients will be able to view information about their case and communicate securely with you. It seems like a natural progression, now that most practice management software packages are adding client portals and virtual practice features (MyCase was one of the first to do this, in fact). Apps make even more sense if they are useful to clients.

I should get a peep at the new iPhone app at TechShow, but for now, MyCase is playing coy and not saying much about it.

Speaking of TechShow, follow my coverage at our ABA TechShow tag. Whether or not you are going, make sure to join our SoloSmallTech community in Google+, too.

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