US by NinJA999.I have been asked by many attorneys on Twitter how to cut down the clutter. Thousands of tweets float through your feed every minute, every hour, every day. It is so overwhelming for many of us, that sometimes it just seems easier to tune out. Sign off. Stop tweeting.

Don’t give up on Twitter.

Learn to use (and create) state-specific attorney Twitter lists. I have listed a dozen to get you started.

I am not encouraging you to join a Family Law twitter list or a Bankruptcy Law Twitter list to stay current with the law, as Niki Black advised you a few weeks ago. That may be helpful for you, or it may not, if you already get your legal updates through your Bar Association or a legal listserv.

I am telling you that if you are a California attorney, you should find (or create) a listserv of California attorneys on Twitter. If you are a lawyer in Arizona, or Colorado, or Minnesota, you should be using Twitter lists to connect with your local colleagues – the same ones that you will run into at a regional conference, or a local CLE. The same ones that you could easily get to know better over a cup of java after you have tweeted back and forth a bit, because they work in the same city as you, or maybe even the same building.

I created a MinnesotaLegal twitter list. It includes attorneys, paralegals, law students, and a few local law school career services folk. When I sign onto Twitter, I look at my MinnesotaLegal list and see if any of my local colleagues have said something interesting about their personal or professional lives. If so, I write back and engage them. Then – usually – I sign off. That’s it.

No clutter. No time suck. Real results.

Here’s the catch – Twitter lists are so new that few attorneys have created state-specific legal Twitter lists. I’ve scanned Listorious, the Twitter list aggregator, as well as hundreds of profiles of legal twitterers to find this collection of state-specific attorney Twitter lists.

If you are an attorney who lives in one of the states or cities below, start following your local legal twitter list, and contact the list creator if you have attorneys or other legal people to add. If your state is not listed below, I encourage you to create your own local legal twitter list and then give us the url in the comments to this post. If you know of a local attorney list I missed, please mention it in the comments as well.

Twitter lists can be brilliant tools to help local lawyers connect with one another. Try them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Local Attorney Twitter Lists:

  • Canada: Lawyers Canada List
  • California: CA Lawyer List
  • Colorado: Colorado Legal Community List
  • Connecticut: CT Lawyers List and CT Law List
  • Georgia: Georgia Lawyers List
  • Illinois: Joliet Attorneys List
  • Louisiana: Louisiana Lawyers List
  • Maryland: Maryland Lawyers List
  • Massachusetts: Boston Law Lawyer List and MA Atty List and Mass Law List
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Attorneys List and Minnesota Legal List
  • New Jersey: New Jersey Law List
  • North Carolina: NC Attorneys List
  • United Kingdom: Lawyers UK List and London Legal Network List
  • Virginia: VA Lawyers List and VA Law List

(photo: NinJA999)