ideaorganizerIdea Organizer combines your iPhone’s ability to take notes, take pictures, and record audio notes into one simplified app.

The notepad app included with the iPhone is nothing special. The audio recorder is visually attractive, but also fairly limited. The distinct advantage to Idea Organizer is that it allows you to link text with audio, or link pictures to ideas. Lawyers love details and knowing all the pertinent information; Idea Organizer is extremely helpful on that front.

I have used the camera app to take photos of things for an idea, but by the time I look at the photo, I cannot remember why I took it. In theory, Idea Organizer solves that problem. Linking text notes to your audio recordings is also useful if you want to jot things down—rather than speak your notes at the beginning or end of your recording.

For $1.99, Idea Organizer is a neat little app that combines the utility of three existing apps into one.

Capture Ideas On the Go: Idea Organizer for the iPhone | Web Worker Daily