filteringclientsMake sure your website and marketing materials identify what types of cases you take, along with your ideal client, to ensure you get calls about cases you can handle.

Your website should describe your practice area, along with the cases you take and the services you provide. If you get lots of calls about issues you are not willing to tackle, consider listing those issues on your site as cases you do not handle.

Potential clients look over websites more than some lawyers realize—the information on your site allows potential clients to be more self-selective in deciding whether to call your office (hopefully in a good way). One great suggestion is including a FAQ on your site to help clients learn more about their issues before contacting you or someone else.

Providing the right information before you talk to potential clients makes it much more likely they will call with cases you can take.

Are You Repelling As Many Clients As You Should? | Web Worker Daily

(photo: aslakr)