The brand-new Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 ( here’s the press release) looks like it will once again raise the bar for compact desktop document scanners — before the competition has even caught up.

The iX500 is out, and you can read my review.

The big upgrade from the ScanSnap s1500 is the ability to scan without a computer. The iX500 has a built-in image processor and wi-fi, you can scan to memory or to a nearby mobile device. And Fujitsu provides its own app, so you don’t have to wrestle with Eye-Fi.

It’s a bit faster, too, at 25 ppm, and you can read about the other upgrades, like multi-feed detection and more-reliable paper-picking on the iX500 product page.

We’ve got a review unit on the way, and we’ll let you know if the iX500 is good enough to keep a ScanSnap at the top of our best scanner picks.

  • I’m glad I didn’t purchase another S1500 last week like I was planning to. Looking forward to the review.

  • Love my s1500 I’ll be interested to see if an upgrade is worth it. Thanks Sam

  • Young

    Question – looking at the specs on the Fujitsu website, I don’t see listed Adobe Acrobat software for editing pdfs. Can anyone confirm whether Adobe Acrobat is included with the box? If not, that would be a deal breaker, because I don’t want to have to buy a separate license for the software. I had bought the Epson scanner and I’ve been looking at the Snapscan because of issues with jamming, feeding more than one page at once and inability to edit the pdf after creation. I’m pondering whether to just buy adobe acrobat to edit the pdf or get an entire new package (I could use a second desktop scanner for the other attorney in the office).

    • Since the announcement is 4 days old, it’s a little early to say anything for sure, but it does look like the Acrobat bundling may be over. It it were included, I would expect to see it on the Software tab.

      • Acrobat X Standard for Windows is included. Since there is no longer a Mac-specific version of the scanner, I assume Mac users are SOL on Acrobat.

  • Jay

    I read a review elsewhere that indicated Adobe Standard X for PC was included but that the Mac version is not. There is no longer a PC and Mac scanner, but one with dual drivers.

    Surprised that it still only scans to 600 dpi. Many scanners go to 1200 or 2400. Is this an issue?

    • Few document scanners go that high. There’s no reason to. For documents, you don’t need to go higher than 300 dpi.

  • Britton Turner

    Oh! I saw the announcement right after my 1500M shipped. At least there was 20% difference in price. I’ve been scanning and shredding all weekend and I have to say, it’s a very satisfying experience.

  • Michael French

    I own & operate a restaurant in Calif. approx. seating @100. I have been looking to get a handle on my paper and once or twice looked at the neat scanner, now with the new year I am ready to purchase. I came upon your site today, and I will ask. I am not super computer guru by no means which would you say would fit my business the most? Thanks for the input and look forward to checking out your site.

    Mike F.

    • Since I haven’t had a chance to review the iX500, yet, I can’t speak to its suitability, but comparing past hardware, the ScanSnap was clearly better than the Neat.

  • Aristo

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t support TWAIN.

    • Not many people actually need TWAIN. If you do, another scanner is probably a better option.

  • Jason

    Any idea how to get it to work with Ubuntu 12.04? I may have a great paperweight…

    • The S1500 worked fine with Linux. No go on the iX500?

      • Jason

        Rumor has it, a patch for SANE is in development for Linux users. Until then…

        • Jason

          There’s a patch up on the SANE website. Check out the git page for backend. Apparently, works for color so far, but not b&w.

  • John

    I bought this scanner. It is fantastic. Fast, two-sided, easy install.Worth every penny.

  • sharon

    I’m thinking about buying the ix500 but don’t quickly find any info on the details for connecting to wireless set up for mac people. ( I’m all Mac, the wireless set up too (airport)). Already have the s1500M upstairs, but my house still is a mess with paper, mail, especially around tax time and taking care of the family “stuff”..

    I was thinking of buying the new snap scan for downstairs, if only because it can sit in an obscure place and I don’t have to plug in the lap top, etc. so maybe the mail and docs won’t have to sit in piles ’til they get upstairs, if they ever do…
    Thanks for the info.

    question(s) related to deciding if I should buy this…
    I once bought an HP wireless printer and the set up was so complicated and off, and the tech support people so clueless I gave the printer to charity rather than deal with it one more minute… Do you know if this set up is easy? (using WPA-2).

    Also, do you know if the specs for print resolution are a downgrade from the s1500M or are they just as good?

    • Wireless set up with this is a piece of cake. I have a review unit now, and it took me no time at all to connect over wireless. The resolution is the same as the S1500/M.

  • Mark Tseselsky

    I am trying to decide whether to buy S1500 or iX 500? What is your verdict oh wise one? :-)

    • Get the new one. My review will be out shortly, but it will be glowing.

  • sharon

    I posted earlier– I did go ahead and buy this ( $419) — set up was easy, wireless was easy – anyone using WPA-2 security(mac) — by passcode they mean network password, which wasn’t exactly clear in the beginning. Seems to be this is the place to ask a question or two — the answers might help others (and me) not waste time looking , or thinking something will work and it won’t:

    1. using one laptop with multiple scan snaps that are in different locations: The other scansnaps are 1500M / only one is ix500. The software installation for the new one (scan snap manager) seems to have deleted the older version. Will the new version still work with the 1500M or do I keep both versions on my laptop?

    2. Instructions say only one wireless device can be connected.. not clear to me exactly.. got the iphone to work fine but if I want to also use an iPad, can’t make the connection. Isn’t there a way to also use an iPad / like two profiles?

    • I have never had a problem using the newest software with older ScanSnaps. Have you tried, yet?

      Have you tried installing it wirelessly on both your devices? I have it on my iPhone and iPad and it works just fine on both.

      • Sharon

        No, haven’t tried with the other scan snaps, but happy to know it will work, and I don’t have to keep on looking for the older version on my computer. Will try again with the iPad– with the iphone it works great– can’t get the connection to work for the iPad- it must be possible if you have it on both so will try again. Thanks. Sharon

        • Sharon

          tried again this AM– both the ipad and iphone connect.. thanks!

  • Gayle O’Connor

    I just got the new one and am setting it up today. I saw it in action at the Louisiana Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Conference last week and it was amazing. Full version of Adobe is included. Price is unbeatable. Can’t wait to start using it.

    • sharon

      Wondering if you received the adobe professional X for windows, or was the version for Mac included? Mine only had for windows this time– wrote to the company re wanting the mac version,but no response.

      • The iX500 only comes with Acrobat X Standard for Windows. As I mentioned in the article, Mac users are outta luck for Acrobat.

        • sharon

          I knew the documentation said only the windows version was included but I was thinking,
          1. like with Filemaker Pro, that maybe the Mac version was included on the one cd, even though the label didn’t specify
          2. maybe by this time mac users made some noise (after the recent MacWorld event) and either Adobe or Fujitsu changed their mind(s).

          I still plan to talk to them about it–Version 8 works fine, (which is the one that came with my other scan snaps) but it’s a matter of principle… equality for minority groups?

  • I spoke with Fujitsu, and they decided not to include Adobe for Mac with the new version because they say Preview is enough — which is obviously not true if you want to edit. My question: I noted comments about placement of the scanner — it needs to be hardwire usb connected to the computer — doesn’t it? I have a time capsule, but apple says you can’t connect a scanner to it (just a printer/scanner). when people talk about wireless setup, they are wirelessly connecting to their phones and ipads — not their computer, correct?

    • Yes, it’s only wireless to devices. As for whether Preview is sufficient, it actually is pretty good for basic editing like reordering or adding and deleting pages.

    • Sharon

      wireless to devices.. I think I skipped over that part in the specs.. thought it might be to the computer.. it’s ok, the wireless works great, lots of ways to get the document to a computer..
      fyi/ the sheet carrier is not supported with wireless.. and here is the response I received re my inquiry re Adobe:

      It’s probably not worth making an issue over it, for me anyway (I have an academic version of adobe 8 professional I think is, but still…. as a matter of principle..


      Thank you for contacting our ScanSnap team.
      We appreciate your patience.

      The reason why no mac version came with iX500 for Adobe is because Adobe doesn’t make a standard version.
      If we were to include the software for Mac, we would have to significantly raise the cost of the scanner & we didn’t want to do that.
      We’re trying to keep the same price across the board for these line of scanners, sorry.

      You can use the same computer for all 3 scansnaps, of course not at the same time. However, the iX500 quick menu is specific to this scanner. So the others would remain different.
      If you already have the ScanSnap software installed from previous model, then you shouldn’t have a problem with that & it should remain.

      You may want to contact our Tac Support Center for more info. on this particular issue.

      We appreciate your business!

      Thank you,

      Fujitsu Imaging Group- ScanSnap Sales
      Inside Sales- 888-425-8228
      Tech Support- 800-626-4686 opt 2 then 1
      Tech Support Chat-

  • David

    On the article you mentioned “you can scan to memory or to a nearby mobile device”, what does the “scan to memory” mean? I don’t see Fujitsu mention scan to USB stick, can you please confirm?
    If I read correctly,this scanner still need a computer or computer equivelent (a smart phone or tablet) to run. There is no scan to USB stick function, correct?

    • I think the original idea was to have internal memory. The scanner as-released does not have this, as far as I can tell. You can read my review here.