Surely $550 or $1,000 is a bit of a steep marketing for what Ted Frank of the (anti-class-action pro-class-member non-profit) Center for Class-Action Fairness calls an “unemployed real-estate lawyer doing first-tier securities litigation document review as a temporary contract attorney,” who is probably being paid about $50 per hour, tops?

Intellectually, I understand the difference between paying a contract lawyer an hourly wage and charging a client an hourly rate for their work. But it’s never felt right to me. Contract lawyers feel more like a cost that should be simply passed through to the client.

However you feel, surely we can agree that marking up a lawyer you pay $50 an hour to $550 is egregious, right?

Read “Does Legal Fees Motion in $590M Citigroup Case Include $1K Per Hour for Low-Paid Contract Lawyers?” at the ABA Journal