mailboxToday we launch a new regular series on Lawyerist, the “Reader Mailbag.” Each week, we will post a selection of questions, comments, and ideas submitted by our readers for response from the Lawyerist community.

If you have law practice questions or suggestions for our readers, please send us an email. Otherwise, feel free to respond to this week’s reader submissions in the comments below:

“Is it a lawyer’s personal choice to have malpractice insurance, is it a must-have before anybody can practice law or open his/her own firm, or does it depends on the different requirement of his/her particular state?”

And on a completely different note:

“Khalid Sheik Mohammed the alleged mastermind of the September 11 attacks and his four co-conspirators will be tried in a Federal Court in New York in Manhattan, just a mile from Ground Zero. If you were defending them, would you ask for a change of venue? If so, how would you argue for it?”