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Going paperless if your document production usually involves a ton of documents presents a problem. To get Bates numbering features in Acrobat 8.0, you need to buy Acrobat Professional, a $449 program. Since that is more than most will pay for Microsoft Office 2007, it seems a bit beyond the reach of most solo practitioners.

You could get IntelliPDF Bates, but $169 is still a bit steep for a one-trick pony.


Fortunately, CutePDF is a $49.95 full replacement for Acrobat Standard, and includes Bates-numbering features. And it is a piece of cake to use. Open your file, click the “header and footer” button or Tools > Header and Footer, and you’ll see the screen at right (click for full-size). Enter < b > (no spaces) plus the number you want to start at. If you want your Bates stamps to show up with other text, such as “Plaintiff 0001,” just enter that text before the < b > tag. Hit “OK,” and VOILA!


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