Harvest is one of the online tools in my arsenal that I constantly rave about. I use Harvest in my business for estimates and invoices on a regular basis, and it helps keep my business systematic! This is an amazing all-in-one tool that can help you create professional invoices, keep track of your time, and detailed estimates in no time. The add-ons and bonus features that come with the package make it a top choice of users worldwide. With attractive layout, unlimited clients and wide accessibility, Harvest is a great solution for business management.


One of the best things about Harvest is that its $12 monthly fee is easily affordable even if you have a small business. As compared to many of the other options, it comes with unlimited clients and online estimate approval. The ability to approve estimates and agree to a contract online was previously the largest bottleneck in my system. The service can also be integrated with PayPal with only a $0.50 charged per transaction (when linked to a checking account) which is an affordable and highly attractive feature.

Gorgeous Design

Who doesn’t love style and functionality combined? The sleek design of the Harvest interface and its user-friendly features make it a great representation of my business. While the interface design may seem like a secondary feature, most of the competition makes their process and layout complicated and messy which detracts from the entire experience. The Harvest system makes it easy and efficient to provide estimates and invoices.


One of the main highlights of Harvest is the presence of third party add-ons that can be customized depending upon your need making it more than just a time tracking device. Harvest gadgets and widgets for iPhone, Android and Mac are some of the most popular add-ons with Google Apps, Basecamp and Salesforce being major favorites.

Automated Recurring Invoices and Automated Invoice Past-Due Reminders

If, like me, you’ve had some clients who prefer to “take their time” with payments, Harvest has a solution for that too. Harvest customers can now set their invoices to have recurring reminders sent to their clients when invoices have gone past due. Additionally, you can turn on an account-wide setting to have all invoices automatically send reminders when they become late — so no need to create reminders for every invoice.

As a side note, Harvest did not sponsor this post in any way. I am just a simple fan of the product and am happy to endorse any product that has made my life this much easier.