friendsI recently spoke at my alma mater (University of Wisconsin Law School) on job hunting tips and tactics.  Although I speak frequently, my audience is usually lawyers, not students. While preparing the speech, I wanted to add some new tips that would be relevant to students.  I then asked myself, if there was one thing I wish I had done differently while attending school in Madison, what would it be? It did not take me long to come up with the answer.

Like most who spend time in Madison (whether for a weekend or years), I had a great time and made some very good friends.  Looking back though, I wish I made more friends. Who knew at the time that all the people I was going to class with were likely to be my best referral sources? Who knew that had I joined certain student organizations that I thought I had no time for, could have created valuable relationships that would be paying off today? Whoever even thought of joining the Bar Association as a student to meet other lawyers?

Oh well, hindsight is 20-20, but if you are a student now, do not just worry about getting good grades. Get out and meet your classmates, too.

(photo: steveleggat)