pedaltomedalSome technology upgrades have little practical effect, but the upgrade to USB 3.0 appears to be the real deal. Backing up files to external drives, transferring pictures and video, and even connecting your iPod will be a breeze.

How much faster? Ten times. With USB 2.0, transferring 25 GB of data would take about fourteen minutes. With USB 3.0, it should take just over a minute. On a Friday afternoon, when you are backing up your client files, that makes a big difference.

USB 3.0 is also bi-directional—you can upload and download at the same time. Another nice plus is that devices plugged into your laptop to charge (iPod, Blackberry, etc.) will charge faster, resulting in less power drain on your laptop. USB 3.0 devices should start rolling out by the holiday season, and they appear to be worth the wait.

USB 3.0: Finally Set for Its Day in the Sun | Web Worker Daily

(photo: YtseJam Photography)